Monday, May 7, 2012


Food was on point today.  Sore from yesterday.  I actually took a bath in Epsom salt tonight because that's what the massage therapist told me to do when I'm more sore then normal. 

Light day, yesterday’s make up WOD and Yoga turned out to be MUCH more demanding then I anticipated. Good stuff nonetheless!
5-10 minute handstand hold/walk practice. Holds are getting good and I’m finally starting to get 5m walks consistently. Tight core, hips aligned and feet together are the major contributing factors for me getting better at this. And it helps that my wrists are now 100%
30 min aerodyn-471 cals. Should’ve reached 500 cals no problem but it took forever for me to loosen up. Tomorrow is a scheduled rest day and then Wednesday testing begins…can’t wait!!!


  1. Nice....keep us posted on the cholore re test.

  2. Should get the results any day now. Like today or tomorrow...I hope!