Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Amanda M...Day 100!!

100 days guys! It feels like we just started this thing...

Sleep: went to bed earlier, but still not early enough. I shouldnt be awake right now either but whatever!

Food: the usual. I've been eating unsweetened organic apple sauce with some cinnamon with my dinner and it is killing my sweet cravings...I highly recommend.

WOD: Didn't particularly like this one tonight. It was good, yes...I sweated my ass of, like always. However, the subs for movements were the same movements in the previous amrap. Ring rows, ring rows, ring rows! I also don't feel like the parallel bar holds do anything. ALTHOUGH I did a few semi dips on the bar. Maybe next time I'll go even deeper. A few months back I couldn't even do negatives...making progress is awesome :-)

I went with my cousin to the Fitness Edge after my workout. I haven't felt that self conscious in a long time! It is INSANE how different the atmosphere is in there compared to our box. At CFM, I can sweat...throw weight is all over the place...and I couldn't care less. At the edge...I felt so out of place. I definitely don't miss it.


  1. And people just gauk at you for no reason. It's really uncomfortable. And there are skinny bitches there that don't lift anything and that annoys me cuz no one cares about getting strong. Not sure how much gets done when you read a magazine while on the elliptical... But maybe I'm just jealous that I work my ass off and seem to see fewer results when it comes to weight loss. Grr!

  2. I'd rather work out the right way and have it take longer than ever spend another second on one of those things! Besides, its way cooler to brag about your DL max than it is to say you stayed on a machine for like omg 45 minutes! I totally burned like 500 calories!

    We were down by the weights...which mean it's all juice heads and no women lol The looks we were getting were ridiculous. My cousin was so anxious about it, we had to grab weights and move back in the corner. So sucky!