Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Amanda M...Day 111

Didnt blog last night! But you know I never miss a post ;-)

Sleep: went to bed by 10 and was supposed to be up to do a morning run but my body said "hell no bitch" so I woke up at my normal time.

Food: On point, besides dinner. The boy came over and we got chinese. He finished a marathon last week so he's been bad and last night was his last cheat meal before heading back into the gym. I had steamed chicken n brocolli but I did eat the brown rice that came on the side

WOD: I had to work with the boys on the rack today. Btw boys...learn how to share!!! There were only 3 stations for girls and there were about 6 to a group! Naturally, they were a bit too short for me to work with so I was like "fuck it!" and saddled up with the men. One even said to me "no girlie weight for you today?" to which I replied "I never do girlie weight...." how rude! lol

FS:115 (5) 125 (5) 135 (3) 145 (3)
Hang Squat Clean ladder: 105#...got in 13 DU's in a row! New record haha

Be back to blog tonight!


  1. you should crawl into 6:30am some morning.

  2. I punch in at work at 8! That might be cutting it close...have always wanted to try out the 530 am but that'd be one hell of a change