Friday, May 4, 2012

5.4.12 - Morgan

Last night, after I had already blogged, I drank another glass of wine, sweet potato fries, & 5 buffalo wings (definitely fried). I was already feeling gross and having a fat day, so this didn't help. Normally, I cheat on Fridays, but I have a 5k tomorrow and need to feel great for the race. So anyway, there's really no good excuse. Eat shitty, look shitty. Can't keep sabotaging my progress. 1/2 cup granola w/ almond milk ...more later


  1. I took a handful of chocolate and pretzels to my face last night as well. Fat days are the guys even get those? Cause that's all my friends and I complain about lol

  2. Don't be so negative! you dont look shitty! You summed it all up "sabotaging my progress". Just need to lock in and focus. Trust me its a battle in my world everyday. Try to plan things out and not have a "fat day", but maybe one "fat meal".

    The hardest part of this is the mental aspect. Just try to focus and schedule everything out.

    Keep working hard!

  3. Thank you both!
    James- you are such an understanding guy. Most guys would be annoyed with all our girl whining and "fat" talk, but you're still reading our blogs! That's awesome lol

  4. I love the honesty!!! When I feel fat it makes me anxious and causes me to eat more. Kind of backwards huh? It is such a mind game...