Tuesday, May 22, 2012

5/22..........James P

The diet was pretty good over the weekend...through a cheat for lunch on Sunday and had a few cocktails.
Monday I was back on track I didnt WOD, but went for a nice little 2-3 mile job to loosen up in the rain.

9am : Shake, ultra greens, adrenal tincture
12:00pm:  spinich Salad, bell peppers, grilled chicken.
2:00pm;  1 cup chicken chili
3:00pm:  raw almonds and some other mixed nuts
6:00pm  Grilled chicken breast, brussells sprouts and carrots
8:00pm   Kale chips and guacomole

Had a nice little WOD this morning...3......6.......9 always fun.  More later.....

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