Sunday, December 30, 2012

Amanda M...Day 338 & 339

Weekend was nice and relaxing...just as the rest of this vacation has been :-) much needed!

Starting Tuesday I will be training for my first half marathon! March 23 is the big day...12 weeks of training are in my future. Kind of excited :-) It is one of my new years resolutions. After that, my other resolution is to do a Go Ruck. Maybe next fall...that will be a different training regiment-will need to work on running AND strength. The running will get my weight off and from there I will build my strength back up.

I am worried about having to run 4-5 times a week, with crossfit...but I feel that if I get my nutrition down right that it shouldn't be a problem. Also, definitely will have to take my rest days when needed. Usually I beat myself up all week and just make it to the weekend and take my rest then. I need to tell myself that it is okay to take a rest day on a Thursday or something lol

Anyway, we will see where this new year takes us! What is everyone else's resolutions for the new year?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Amanda M...Day 335, 336 & 337

Damn, its Friday already? This vacation is going way too fast

On the bright side, I think I am ready to go back to work next week and not be so stressed out....I hope. Having a few days to myself has been awesome and much much needed.

Been trying not to go too crazy with the eating. Haven't been snacking all day which is a good thing :-)

Ready to do this weight loss thing my way. I lost 50lbs with no problem before...I should be able to do it again--well maybe not another 50 but we'll see where my body takes me

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Amanda M...Day 330-334

Hi all...thought you lost me, I bet! But I am still here... wouldn't quit this far into the game

Holidays were great. I am in New Hampshire as we speak, relaxing and enjoying my week off from my stressful job. Been eating way too much....but, that's no shock.

Ready to jump right back on the wagon. It has been way too long of a hiatus and I need to get my fucking shit together and get this done once and for all!!

Short post...hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Cheers!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Amanda M...Day 329

Yesterday was another normal day. Another crazy day at the office, followed by a relaxing night of shopping, wrapping gifts and making my dress for the partay. I'll post some pics...or you'll just see it on facebook now that we're all friends!

Brian (or should I still call you anonymous...)--congrats on member of the month!!! Cant think of anyone else who deserves it but you. Definitely an inspiration!! Tell me your do strict paleo right? Jay has me eating some carbs and I think it isn't helping me at all. If you dont see this, I'll probably harrass you on the 'ol FB.

I cannot wait to get out of CT for a few days. Nothing is more relaxing than lying around my parent's cabin in the woods and doing absolutely nothing. My mom always makes fun of me because I end up sleeping the entire time I'm there. I'm exhausted by 9 and am cat napping on the couch the whole day. I need it!!

Then when I get back, hopefully I'll be back to my old self. Fingers crossed

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Amanda M...Day 328

Another long day. Cannot wait to get out of CT and escape to NH for a few days. Being with my parents always makes me feel better.

Ate normal, didnt work out. I got home and retreated right to the couch and just relaxed. My friend came over later and we worked on our ugly christmas outfits for the party I'm throwing on Saturday. Kinda excited! I need a fun night with friends.

Only a month left here....

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Amanda M...Day 327

Another day on the treadmill. Honestly, having to fight for space in a gym in the last thing I need after these past few weeks I've had at work. Just need my alone time. It's how I work.

I'll see you soon Nitro...gonna try to snap out of this bullshit mood. Maybe once I've had some time off from this hell of a job, I'll be back to my old self.

Going to check out an MMA training center on my break next week. I really REALLY miss hitting things. Barbells are great for stress relief, but sometimes nothing is better than beating the crap out of a punching bag. Plus, I could use the extra maybe I'll do half and half. We'll see

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Amanda M...Day 326

Yesterday was normal. Stressful day. Normal food intake.

Didn't WOD. Just not in the mood to be surrounded by people this week. So I did 3 miles on the treadmill. It was really relaxing to be alone in my basement, watching a tv show that always brightens my spirit--Glee. The Whitney Houston episode...classic. All while getting a good sweat on.

Just dont know what's going on with me. I've never had this long of a hiatus from CFM before. For months I was going a solid 5 days a week. Now I'm finding any excuse in the book not to go. I'm lucky if I talk myself into going 3-4 times. I know it cliche, but maybe I should just give myself a break and re-start for the new year. I'm going to be out of town most of next week anyway. I dont know. Now a days, even when I do go, I barely push myself. I used to live for crossfit! Maybe I need something else on the side....was thinking of getting back into martial arts. Always loved beating the shit out of things. We'll see I guess!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Amanda M...Day 323, 324, 325

Friday I was just so....done. Work has been very stressful...we havent been shipping SHIT and it's really getting to me. You know what happens when we dont ship things? We dont get paid. When we dont get paid, I can't pay anyone. Then everyone calls me and yells at me like its my fault that payment hasnt been made. I hate it. So yeah...after work on Friday, all I wanted to do was curl up under the blanket and drown in my sorrows--which is exactly what I did. No workout; had no desire.

Saturday I spent baking things for my man to get him through his week of finals. We spent the night in so he could study so it was relaxing.

Sunday we had another lazy day. Went grocery shopping, the usual. Ended up having a salad...with cheese and ranch dressing :( neither are on my approved list but I was just so tired of being 100%. I've never made it two whole weeks without caving--I'm such an asshole. I paid for it though...**TMI ALERT** I was in the bathroom the rest of the day. My stomach was NOT happy.

Only 5 days of hell left until I have a week and a half off of work...cannot friggen wait. Get me out of here!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Amanda M...Day 322

Yesterday's WOD was a lot of fun.

5 rounds of:
20 sec Push Press @ 65#
20 sec rope slams
20 sec burpees
60 sec AD sprint
rest 4 minutes

It really kicked my ass and I loved every minute of it. I was able to kill each round, even after feeling like I was going to puke at round 4. Shoulder press got a lot heavier a lot sooner than I thought it would but I powered through. I think the added rice and oats definitely are helping energy wise because usually by Thursday I am complete smoked. There's no way I would have survived those AD sprints if I was still eating how I used to. However, when I was eating how I used to...I was dropping alot more poundage...*sigh* going to see this new diet through though. See how it goes after a month.

Been sleeping 7-8hrs a night and still feeling really tired during the work day. Can't wait for my week off for christmas...I need the break from this crazy place.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Howdy Yall...Thursday 12/13

Well  I don't have much to say, I think. Ha! Yeah right.

The job is going well. And I mean really well. I love it so far and I hope it stays that way. Unfortunately the real paycheck is still 2 weeks away. Blah, that's ok cause its going to bills and FOOD, YES FOOD, CLEAN FOOD. I can finally buy shit where I can evoke my inner iron chef and get nuts!! Then any left over money is for a drink or two, three or four and a movie.

Still working on my eating, Its not great but its not completely shitty. I had a couple of really bad binge days.  But it just happened. It was one of those "fuck it I have nothing else to eat, so I'll just eat whatever moments".
My eating is very sporadic. I know for a fact that I'm not planning well and the other reason is well, I don't have any friggin money so I can't get too fancy and I have to eat whats readily available and cheap. That pretty much falls into the rice, pasta, sweet potato, Chicken breast on sale only, chicken (ugh, lots of chicken) and black coffee category. Yeah, that sound about right. So either I'm not eating enough or I'm eating shit. I know what I have to do, I know I don't have to reinvent the wheel. I just have to get over this hump and I can get busy with it. Money is super tight, so the only thing I can do is fuel myself. No worries I'm not going hungry I just have to get creative until I finally have the opportunity to go grocery shopping the way it should be done. Like I said its not totally shitty.

I finally got my big butt up and got to a couple classes and an Oly session. I was very successful with both. I had a PR of 275# DeadLift. Which surprised me because I haven't DL'd in a very, very long time. I went twice, Monday and Tuesday and I did well. I can't complain. I thought I was going to drop dead or something during a wod but no, I held up and was just as strong or even stronger and able than the rest of the chics in class. Remember I haven't really woded consistently in at least a couple months. I was just doing straight up Oly once or twice a week. Then I fell off the planet and havent done a thing in the past 3 or 4 weeks. Man! That was crazy. Again money was the main reason but I just friggin gave up. NEVER AGAIN!!!

It felt good to Wod but I gotta tell ya. When I went to my Oly session on Wednesday morning I felt...excited.When I blasted that bar over head it was like I got a surge of power run through my body. It was crazy. It felt awesome!! I love the bar!! I just kept going. My quads where on fire, I was on a groove. Then I crashed. I literally could not muster any strength to lift anymore. Didn't eat enough before hand and I literally had no fuel. Lesson learned. As I explained in Amanda's post. Its one thing to wod quick and dirty for 45minutes on an empty stomach. But its a whole other thing when your lifting and moving for 3 hours. You better have fueled up before hand and some stuff to re energize your ass during your session.

I will close with this. I noticed something after Oly on Wednesday as I was driving home. When I'm in CF I feel less than physically. I'm not cut or have a gorgeous body and skinny like the other girls. But when I'm doing Oly lifting It really doesn't matter to me at all. I don't even think about it or even care. I feel so free. Its just me, the girls and mostly guys just getting fucking heavy and dirty with it. I fall on my ass I don't know how many times. I'm jiggling, I'm doing my crazy lifting faces, my belly probably shows once or twice and I don't care there. I couldn't let loose at CF that way. I don't know...just a thought.

Laters Babe!!

Amanda M...Day 321

You guys always show up exactly when I need the support! Thank you thank you!

Done with the fucking scale. It hasn't moved since Tuesday. Once a month, that's it! I always feel better when my clothes are falling off anyway (which they are) so I am going to judge it based on that for the next few weeks.

Yesterday wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The workout was okay...not my favorite moves but it was a great workout. Whenever you walk into the gym and see the previous class all laid out on the floor, you know it's going to be worth it.

Jay emailed me to check up on me...from Arizon apparently. It's always great to know he will take his time out of doing god-knows-what to check up on his people. You won't find that anywhere else but CFM!

He wants me to replace plantain chips with protein...and try to cut back on eggs. What else am I supposed to eat for breakfast?! I guess you don't have to eat 'breakfast food' for breakfast but it's the best meal of the day! I need some meal suggestions...should I just make an extra meat and veggie option and see how it works out?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Amanda M...Day 320

So weigh in yesterday wasn't horrible...but it wasn't great either. I dropped 5lbs in a week, which according to doctor's standards is great...but to me, not so much. I'm used to dropping at least 8-10lbs the first week back on track so I won't lie, I was a little sad. I think a lot of factors came in to play as to why: high stress at work, adding more carbs/calories, skipped a day at the gym, and didn't add in any running.

My motivation to eat well is strong and fine. My motivation to workout...not even close. Every morning my alarm is set for me to wake up and run on the treadmill that we set up in our basement but I completely ignore it for a mere 30 min of extra sleep. I don't know what it is...I had an easier time getting up even earlier and actually driving to a gym to run. I want this so bad but my brain is stuck in lazy mode!

Tonight's workout is going to blow. Box jumps and KB swings, oh what fun. Oh and weighted pull ups...can't even do one without a band. *thumbs up*

So that's my sob story. Don't feel like writing much else....just one of those weeks. Maybe I should skip the weigh ins--even though losing weight/fat is the main goal of mine.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Amanda M...Day 319

Today was an okay day. Changed up my diet---added oats and rice. So we will see how it affects my workouts throughout the week. Normally I don't eat ANY carbs other than from veggies and such so by wed/thurs I am totally wiped out of energy. I'm hoping to added carbs will keep me going throughout the whole week.

Breakfast: sausage, eggs and oats
Lunch: Chili with rice...homemade, my own creation. SO good. Had my boyfriend sweating but wanting more...more chili that is ;-)
Dinner...Also new to the diet...salmon. Jay said to add more to the diet and I did....can't say I'm a huge fan but I'll choke it down for the sake of nutrition.

WOD: 5min amrap of Fran which is a joke because I can't even finish one round in 5 minutes but whatever!

TERRIFIED to weigh in tomorrow. Normally I weigh in like everyday so it's not so much of a blow if I didn't do so waiting a whole week is driving me nuts. I almost don't even want to step on the scale lol but it must be done. Will let you know the results, of course ;-)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Amanda M...316, 317 & 318

Friday: No workout, but went to the city for the day. I knew this was going to be hard but I powered through it! I brought jerky and sweet potato chips to keep me on track. It worked...I was still hungry but managed to ignore it.

Sat: Ate breakfast and lunch as usual. I actually went in to CFM for a workout too! I haven't worked out on a Saturday in a long time. It took all morning to talk myself into going but I'm really glad I did. I knew I would.

Saturday night was the biggest test so far. It was my best friends birthday and naturally she wanted to go out and celebrate. I offered to be DD in order to really keep myself from drinking and that worked. Man, it is not fun being the only sober one. Also, we went to a bar that served brick oven favorite. I had to sit around and watch as others drank and ate their hearts out. But I held strong. I want this so bad.

Today: Normal day. Breakfast was late, about 11 so it was more like lunch. Lunch was a small bowl full of the chili I was making with a side of sweet potato tortilla chips. Holy delicious. Cant wait for lunch this week!

HUGE! success today. I was basically forced to eat an Oreo today and I held my ground. I almost said yes but I am determined to make it to Christmas eve following the plan Jason gave me. I have never been able to go 3 weeks following rules to 100%. Some reason I feel this is a new me and I'm really excited.

Got the treadmill downstairs! Ready to tackle this week :-) Trying salmon out for dinner this week as well...not so excited about that haha but it needs to be done.

My new saying that I keep telling myself this round is that I may be upset about what I cant eat but it doesn't compare to how upset I get about what I see in the mirror. Little sacrifices for big gains!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hi Everyone - Thursday 12/6

Hey Everybody!!

I've been M.I.A. Just layin low and waiting frantically practically crawling out of my skin for some news. The problem with me is when I'm anxious and waiting "patiently" for something I pretty much shut down. I just go to work come home and pace the apartment. I know weird.

Anyway here is what transpired and I'll give you a little background on why this was so important. You might want to grab some tea or coffee to read this one. ;-)

For quite some time I've been attempting to get into Whole Foods. Not just any position, I want a management position. Besides that Whole Foods is one of the top 100 companies to work for. Number 32 to be exact, and the pay is nothing to sneeze at in Whole Foods. You would know this to be true especially if you work in the food industry. Pay in this industry sucks major balls. I've literally interviewed 4 other times before and no dice. I've applied for a management training program for WF at least 10 times and I interviewed for it once before. The only reason I didn't get it was because I said I wouldn't relocate. Ok, ok give me a little break. At that time I was in a different mind set and I was so jaded and fed up giving my all with these jobs that I was just over it.

Fast forward to maybe 3 to 4 weeks ago I knew that one of my old coworkers from another restaurant just started in Whole Foods. I asked her to keep a look out for me. And she did! She gave me a heads up and dropped my name to one of the managers.
I got a call, came in for an interview and was offered the position on the spot. Yeah! Right? Well, yes and no. Yes! I'm in but NO it's a part time position and way, way waaaay under what I'm used to making per hour. But I was going to suck it up. Whatever I had to do to climb up the ladder I was willing to do it. But my plan was fast and furious. No playing around here. See the inital plan was to keep the full time and keep WF as a part time and eventually hustle my way to where I need to be. Well it seems that sounded like a well laid out plan for the universe. So the universe decided to shake things up as usual. My full time day job decided that he was going to be a total extra large dick and cut my hours and become extra crazy. So I quit.

So there I stood, what now. I had to have the talk with my team leader at WF and I was straight up with her just like I was in the interview. I informed and reminded her what my ultimate goals are within WF but if I can't get more pay with full time hours that I will unfortunately have to find a second job that can cover my costs. Well I truly wasn't expecting anything out of our pow wow. I just wanted to let her know where I stood and what I needed to do. She literally, immediately the same day spoke to the store manager, assistant store manager and some folks from the regional office and next thing I knew within 24 hours she had two options for me. First they can offer me full time hours at the rate I was asking for this would also include carte blanche benefits. Cool! The second option was a shocker. There just happen to be a open house that Friday for Management in training positions with a little more money. What!? She asked if I was ready for it and of course I said, "HELL YEAH BRING IT!!" I can go to the interview and if I don't make the cut then I would still be offered option one. Friday came and I smoked it. I had to interview with 5 different people, the last few were a bit frosty so it was hard to gauge how I did overall. I felt like I did well but it wasn't an explosion of awesomeness. I was told later that 85% of the interviewees never made it to the second round and were sent home with a thank you and hand shake.

Fortunately I had inside intel (my manager) who told me off the record that I got the position! BUT I didn't feel easy. I took her word as a grain of salt. I still wanted the official phone call from the regional office to tell me that I got it. I know, I know overkill but that's how I am. Frack! I waited till Wednesday afternoon to get the call. And now its official. I am in the management trainee program for Whole Foods!!
Now I've been told that the program has a high failure rate. Why? Well because its considered a self motivated program. Meaning it can take you 3 months or it can take you 6 months to complete. Anymore than that and you get the talk or the boot whatever comes first. Guess what this bitch is the human sponge (in case you didn't know) and I'm all over it like flies on shit. There's A LOT to learn but I'll be done by 3 months then hone every thing till its solid. I expect to move onto another store by summer time. Hopefully one of the 6 new stores opening between the summer and fall of 2013 in CT.

I just really want this to work out. I'm tired of working for crazy ass people. No place is perfect but damn give me a break!!! I've given blood, sweat, lots of tears, experienced bruising, sexual harassment and even physical fights in all my years in the restaurant industry. People always ask why do I stay in it. Well, I was out of it and worked in a corporate office for about 4 years. And it was nice in the beginning. Nice and calm. But I got bored. Crazy right? I love the food industry. But I love structure, a plan, respect of your employees, stability, love and quality of your product even more.

Now I have to get back on track. Gotta get the steady income, get back on track and squared off with my bills. At the same time get my big ass working out like the maniac I am and kill this shit! I'm so hungry for some power. I miss my bar and plates SO much. I feel like a jelly fish, soft and achy all the time. I haven't hit anything hard in almost a month or so.

Love you guys!!


P.S. 20% off my purchases at Whole Foods! What! Awww Yeah!! AND they have a fitness program. If I meet the requirements I can get 30% off. Hmmm gotta look into that! ;-)

Amanda M...Day 315

Yesterday was another successful day of clean eating. The cravings are starting to come at me though...on a scale of 1-10 it was probably at about a 4 last night. My roommate has christmas cookies that he puts out and naturally, living with 3 other people, there is tons of crap food in the fridge. But I managed...2 days down!

Workout was probably one of the worst ones in a while. 20 thrusters at a time? TORTURE! By the 10 min mark, my legs were complete jello. I honestly couldnt sleep because that's how sore I was...even the pressure of sleeping on my stomach was too much. Not a fun feeling and I hope it goes away soon as I am spending the night in NYC tomorrow...lots of walking!

Speaking of NYC...I'm already sad. Everytime I go in the city I get a vendor hot dog and pretzel. Not tomorrow! But you know what? It will be there when I'm where I want to be so I can wait. I want this so bad!

I need new workout clothes. I think a trip to the goodwill to get some crappy mens tshirts I can cut the sleeves off of are in order. Starting to really hate sleeves but womens tank tops are always too tight or short or low cut.......and expensive as hell. $25 for one tank top? Go f*ck yourself!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Amanda M...Day 314

Yesterday was my offical 'Day 1' of this new eating plan that Jay has me on. It wont be that far off from what I am eating now...during the week at least. The weekend though, I am a little worried. Back when I tried a sugar detox, I would literally get sad come Friday because I knew my weekend would be limited. However, this time around...I am feeling way more confident and ready. 3 weeks! I can do this...3 weeks leads me right up to Christmas Day haha how awful! But I couldn't think of a better gift to give myself than a better me!

Today I am in a pretty good mood...not sure what it is, but I'll take it!

WOD yesterday:

A1. Deadlift 115/135/145/155
A2. Shoulder press 65/65/75/75 (probably my weakest lift)

Hang Power Snatch x2-4
15 sec on AD
rest 90 sec

for HPS: 65/65/85/85/95/100

The 100lbs went up easy!! I guess these past 4 weeks of doing nothing but eating had some benefit haha strength for days.

Totally forgot how to do a normal deadlift. We have been doing one legged DLs and romanian deadlifts since forever! Colin looked at me like I was crazy when I laughed and said I pretty much forgot how to do a normal one. Good thing I got the hang of it by the second round. How embarrassing lol

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

James P

Hello All,
Just wanted to check in. The last three months have almost ruined by great start to the year. First six months I lost over 20lbs and have gained about 8-10 back. I was trying to figure out what I have been doing different so I turned back to the blog to find what I was eating the first half of the year.....the difference....Sugar!  Flavored latte's, beer, and some chips and salsa have returned and that is the difference. We started this around Mid January so I am determined to get back on track and get these 8-10lbs back off and continue to get to the weight and look I wanted.

Congrats to Amanda , Yade, Mauer for continuing to blog. Lets finish strong. When I was blogging everyday is when I had the best results so I may be back to it!


Monday, December 3, 2012

Amanda M...Day 313

Got my email from Jay today...only nutrition suggestions. I will still be doing classes but adding in some cardio. He wants me to add 20-30 min of easy running 2x a week. I will probably go for 3 because I'm an overachiever

My new rules: no nuts, nut butters, dairy, alcohol or fruit. Ugh...fruit is my only saving grace when dieting because I am a huge sugar fiend. Cutting cold turkey makes me fucking miserableeee!! Oh, and no peppers...I guess I eat them too much.

He wants me to add in more protein, seafood/fish (*gag* I hate seafood), fats, carbohydrates like oats, rice and sweet potatoes--a nice new change considering I've been taught to hate on all carbs. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy fats, etc etc. He also told me to try some new shit....yeah, I am defnitely guilty of eating the same things all the time.

No cheat meals!! That is where I have my biggest problem. Weekends are a fucking free for all so having to behave will be a huge huge struggle. It's my best friend's birthday this weekend too so not being able to drink is going to suckkkkk. Luckily, my boyfriend is 100% supportive and is going to help me as much as he can.

Anyway. It is only 730 and it is taking EVERYTHING I hate to keep my eyes open. No idea why I am sooooo tired....might just suck it up and go to bed

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Amanda M...Day 310, 311 & 312

Weekend was a normal one. Filled with cheats...of course.

So I guess they are starting a new contest at CFM? Excited. with weigh ins! That's the kind of contest I have been needing. Its the only way I stay on track. I need to dig out my idea where it is...

Short post today. Feeling lazy! lol talk to you guys tomorrow