Sunday, December 9, 2012

Amanda M...316, 317 & 318

Friday: No workout, but went to the city for the day. I knew this was going to be hard but I powered through it! I brought jerky and sweet potato chips to keep me on track. It worked...I was still hungry but managed to ignore it.

Sat: Ate breakfast and lunch as usual. I actually went in to CFM for a workout too! I haven't worked out on a Saturday in a long time. It took all morning to talk myself into going but I'm really glad I did. I knew I would.

Saturday night was the biggest test so far. It was my best friends birthday and naturally she wanted to go out and celebrate. I offered to be DD in order to really keep myself from drinking and that worked. Man, it is not fun being the only sober one. Also, we went to a bar that served brick oven favorite. I had to sit around and watch as others drank and ate their hearts out. But I held strong. I want this so bad.

Today: Normal day. Breakfast was late, about 11 so it was more like lunch. Lunch was a small bowl full of the chili I was making with a side of sweet potato tortilla chips. Holy delicious. Cant wait for lunch this week!

HUGE! success today. I was basically forced to eat an Oreo today and I held my ground. I almost said yes but I am determined to make it to Christmas eve following the plan Jason gave me. I have never been able to go 3 weeks following rules to 100%. Some reason I feel this is a new me and I'm really excited.

Got the treadmill downstairs! Ready to tackle this week :-) Trying salmon out for dinner this week as well...not so excited about that haha but it needs to be done.

My new saying that I keep telling myself this round is that I may be upset about what I cant eat but it doesn't compare to how upset I get about what I see in the mirror. Little sacrifices for big gains!

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