Monday, December 10, 2012

Amanda M...Day 319

Today was an okay day. Changed up my diet---added oats and rice. So we will see how it affects my workouts throughout the week. Normally I don't eat ANY carbs other than from veggies and such so by wed/thurs I am totally wiped out of energy. I'm hoping to added carbs will keep me going throughout the whole week.

Breakfast: sausage, eggs and oats
Lunch: Chili with rice...homemade, my own creation. SO good. Had my boyfriend sweating but wanting more...more chili that is ;-)
Dinner...Also new to the diet...salmon. Jay said to add more to the diet and I did....can't say I'm a huge fan but I'll choke it down for the sake of nutrition.

WOD: 5min amrap of Fran which is a joke because I can't even finish one round in 5 minutes but whatever!

TERRIFIED to weigh in tomorrow. Normally I weigh in like everyday so it's not so much of a blow if I didn't do so waiting a whole week is driving me nuts. I almost don't even want to step on the scale lol but it must be done. Will let you know the results, of course ;-)

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