Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Amanda M...Day 320

So weigh in yesterday wasn't horrible...but it wasn't great either. I dropped 5lbs in a week, which according to doctor's standards is great...but to me, not so much. I'm used to dropping at least 8-10lbs the first week back on track so I won't lie, I was a little sad. I think a lot of factors came in to play as to why: high stress at work, adding more carbs/calories, skipped a day at the gym, and didn't add in any running.

My motivation to eat well is strong and fine. My motivation to workout...not even close. Every morning my alarm is set for me to wake up and run on the treadmill that we set up in our basement but I completely ignore it for a mere 30 min of extra sleep. I don't know what it is...I had an easier time getting up even earlier and actually driving to a gym to run. I want this so bad but my brain is stuck in lazy mode!

Tonight's workout is going to blow. Box jumps and KB swings, oh what fun. Oh and weighted pull ups...can't even do one without a band. *thumbs up*

So that's my sob story. Don't feel like writing much else....just one of those weeks. Maybe I should skip the weigh ins--even though losing weight/fat is the main goal of mine.


  1. Are you tracking body fat too, or just weight? Keep the eating on track and the rest will work itself out, you'll go through cycles. You're doing good!

  2. Hey! Stop it! That's awesome! I wish I could say I lost five pounds. But that would require me to be on a strict diet.
    ANYWAY, one thing I do know is when you first lose weight you loose in large numbers. I know it looks fabulous and it feels great. But you know that the closer you get to your goal or rather the less weight you want to loose the weight loss numbers slow down. AND guess what your still lifting weights. Muscle muscle muscle.
    I'm sure you can relate: when I started my weight loss journey I was the friggin cardio queen. That's right I ran on the treadmill and treated that eliptical like my bitch. I lost so much weight and huge numbers. But eventually I hit a wall. It became routine. And I was thin (for my taste) and loving it but I wasn't strong and I had no shape. I had extra skin action all that shit. Had to take the good with the bad.
    Ok! My point is dont go into this I wanna be a skinny bitch mode. That's NOT you!! Unless you had a change of heart in the past couple of weeks. As the saying goes slow and steady. Hell I have to remind myself that everyday. 5 pounds is awesome. 5 x 3 or 4 weeks is 15/20 pounds and so on. Take it in, enjoy it and fucking OWN IT!! Your not depriving yourself for nothing!!