Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Amanda M...Day 314

Yesterday was my offical 'Day 1' of this new eating plan that Jay has me on. It wont be that far off from what I am eating now...during the week at least. The weekend though, I am a little worried. Back when I tried a sugar detox, I would literally get sad come Friday because I knew my weekend would be limited. However, this time around...I am feeling way more confident and ready. 3 weeks! I can do this...3 weeks leads me right up to Christmas Day haha how awful! But I couldn't think of a better gift to give myself than a better me!

Today I am in a pretty good mood...not sure what it is, but I'll take it!

WOD yesterday:

A1. Deadlift 115/135/145/155
A2. Shoulder press 65/65/75/75 (probably my weakest lift)

Hang Power Snatch x2-4
15 sec on AD
rest 90 sec

for HPS: 65/65/85/85/95/100

The 100lbs went up easy!! I guess these past 4 weeks of doing nothing but eating had some benefit haha strength for days.

Totally forgot how to do a normal deadlift. We have been doing one legged DLs and romanian deadlifts since forever! Colin looked at me like I was crazy when I laughed and said I pretty much forgot how to do a normal one. Good thing I got the hang of it by the second round. How embarrassing lol

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  1. Good job Amanda, keep up the momentum so you can hit the weekend hard! That was a good WOD, I love it anytime there is Airdyne sprints.