Monday, April 30, 2012

Maria Week 15 Day 1

Quick Post- great to see everyone tonight, totally re charged my battery!  Congrats to James and Gail, it was a fun night!

Made my food for tomorrow and ready to succeed!

4/30...James P

Hello Everyone!  Gail and I want to thank you again for your wonderful gifts tonight. It was a nice surprise and very much appreciated.

It was great to see everyone at the meeting. Some seem really frustrated, while others are doing well. The key is to keep the eye on the prize. If you need help or have questions reach out to the support staff that we have. I know Jay has been busy preparing for regional, but trust me he is hear to listen and help. I am lucky enough to take his class 3  times a week and whenever I have a question he is their to answer it. All the coaches are here to help so reach out to them.

I know some seem skeptical about blogging all the time, but I think it is important for everyone to keep it up. It is a great way for you to track what you have been eating. Like Dan said it's an easy way for a coach or mentor to hop in and look at your diet with ease. The blog also offers another way for you to vent out your frustrations. If you don't want to track your die ton here at least vent whats holding you back from achieving your goals. If you miss a day its not the end of the world, but everyone try to stick to it. It will help everyone in the long run.
Thanks again for everything tonight!

Sleep:  good 10-5:45
Stress: busy busy busy describes it best
pre wod: piece of chicken and vitacoco
6:30am wod
post wod:  Shake with ultra greens, adrenal tincture
10am   serving of carrots with some peanut butter
12:00pm    Spinach salad, bell peppers, and tomato's.  1 chicken sausage
3:00pm   mini cucumber and carrots
6:00pm    homemade turkey burger, asparagus, tomato's, green pepper
8:00pm     paleo chocolate cake compliments of the YLA!
9:30pm     1/2 piece of broiled chicken breast

10:30pm.......lights out!

Everyone keep it positive!!!!! and nitro please never tell us about your 8lbs of burger, 4 fish taco, and Chinese delivery at 1am again!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Maria Week 14 Day 6

Slept great, woke up at 6:30am without alarm clock.

7:30am- 1/2 C Egg substitute, 3 slices bacon, 1 1/2 oz avocado

8:45am- taught 55 min weight class
10:30am WOD- 100 DU, 30DB Burpees 10#, 100 KB swings 35#, 30 DB Burpees, 100 DU
17:52 Rx- Love the DU. did 72 straight in the first set! My best is 88. After all those DB burpees, my shoulders were fried!  I could barely turn the rope.  Still struggling with endurance.

12pm- 1/2 C chili, 1 C cauliflower rice, 1 1/2 oz avocado
2:45pm- 3 oz salmon, 1 C okra, 12 almonds
6pm- picked on different things unmeasured: chili, chicken breast, salmon, mixed veggies (caul, brocc, carrots, okra, squash)

feeling pretty good, wish everyone was still blogging on commenting...

Amanda M...Day 96 & 97

Forgot to blog yesterday...went right from the gym, to my shower, to out the door for a date lol

Sleep: Awesome. Usually I try to go to bed by 10 but lately it's been getting later and later

Food: Same as usual. Add in Froyo for dessert haha at least it's fat free? Well I guess that doesnt matter when I had a diabetes inducing amount of candy on it...oh well haha

WOD: Ugh, front squats are slowly becomming my least favorite lift. Been learning to love thrusters so I don't know how I could find these worse...maybe it was just to weight.

I did, however, PR my squat clean by 10#...135#! Woo hoo!! I tried 145 a few times, it went up easy but I kept falling out of the squat. Once again, Colin was there to shake his head at me in disappointment haha "You can do that weight Amanda..." I know! I know!

Sleep: went to bed at least I didnt have to go into the bakery til noon.

Food: So far today I had eggs and is now 2:30 lol I woke up late so it was more of a lunch than a breakfast. Dinner is still up in the old friend is coming into town and we will probably grab dinner somewhere. Also, my friends are going out tonight in Hartford (trying to get out of it) So I'll probably be drinking plenty of calories later as well if I go.

Headed to Yankee stadium tomorrow!! Never been to a real MLB game...(Mets don't really count haha) and I dont really like the Yankees but my friend got tickets for free, so why not?! There will definitely be some hot dogs and nachos consumed. Its the best part about baseball!

fri 4/27..James P

sleep: 10- 5:45
stress: ....lets not go here

pre wod: sweet potato and half piece of grilled chicken
6:30am Wod...Legs are fried great week
post wod:  Shake mixed with ultra greens and coconut water

10:00am    5 chicken meatballs, decaf coffee black
12:00pm   Cobb Salad with Chicken
6:00pm     beef tips app, spinich salad,  pork chop with bean/spinich side,   2 beers

Felt pretty good this week. Stress def picking up combination of being almost done with my Masters and the baby on the way....alot to do little time.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Maria Week 14 Days 4 and 5

Thurs 4/26
7:30a- 3 oz chicken breast, kale, 1 TBSP EVOO

9am WOD- top of every 3 min 5 DL for 30 min:  Started at 115#, then 125, 135, 155, 165, ended at 185 for the last round.  Form wasn't perfect but I got it done, and my back is REALLY sore today (Friday).  In a way it feels good, I need to strengthen my lower back. Times were between 30-40 seconds per round.  Last round was a little longer.

11:30a- 1/3 C pumpkin, 2 TBSP coconut flour, 1/2 C egg substitute, 1/2 tsp fish oil
3:45p- Salad with lettuce, 1 slice lean roast beef, 2 slices turkey breast, 1 oz avocado, walnuts/almonds, EVOO, lime juice
6:30p- Chili made with 93/7 ground beef and ground turkey breast, cauliflower rice, 2 baked chicken wings
7:30p- paleo pudding: avocado, unsweetened cocoa, raw honey, 1/4 banana (not overly ripe)

Got a good nights sleep, low stress, feeling pretty good, first day back at the gym after a week off.  Felt strong.

Fri 4/27
7:50am- pumpkin muffins (see 11:30am meal above)

 8:30am- taught a kickboxing/weights class 55 min, handstand holds x 5, 100 GHD sit ups

11:15am- 1/2C Chili (see above), 1 C cauliflower rice, 1 1/2 oz avocado
2:45pm- Salad Mix, cucumber, 2 oz chicken breast, cooked asparagus, 1 tsp EVOO, lemon juice

4:30p- WOD: 1 RM Squat Clean 120# PR! 21/15/9 Front Squat 75#, pull ups, 20 AbMat SU after every round (sub for L-Sit PU was regular pull ups followed by sit ups)

5:30pm- Raw Nuts

8pm: Cilantro turkey Nuggets (from Paleomg)- these were so good!
mixed veggies, walnuts

Okay, so I weighed myself today first time in aver a month and I gained 4 pounds.  Totally bummed but I deserve it.  I can't act like I don't know how that happened.  As much as I hate the scale, I am glad I did it.  It was a slap in the face to wake my ass up! I am totally committed to getting those lbs off and to keep moving forward on my goals.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Amanda M...Day 95

Sleep: It was about 930 and I was exhausted. For some reason I try to stay awake til a certain point but last night I was just like fuck this, I'm tired! lol Going to bed too early makes me feel old but I'll get over it!

Food: same as usual. If you guys didn't check out my blog the other day with the ropa vieja, I strongly recommend it! It is beyond delicious.

5 DL and 100m sprints...10 rounds. Holy shit was this intense. Probably the hardest workout of the week, which is saying alot based on Tuesday's burpee and thruster hell. I really didn't want to run because I am so horrible at it. I almost pulled a rower out but knew I needed to suck it up and get it done. So glad that I ran instead of rowed. For the DL we started with 125# but then bumped it up to 145# for the next 8 rounds. On the last round I told my workout buddy that we needed to add more for the last one so we ended on 155#.

Shout out to Michelle T! (She wont see this but whatever!) She is always brave enough to workout with me knowing I am going to push her past her limits haha but that's what crossfit is all about! There is nothing I love more than talking someone into using heavier weight and seeing them crush it!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week 14 Day 3

8am- 1 oz salmon, 1 tsp fish oil
10am- 1/3 C pumpkin, 2 TBSP coconut flout, 1/2 C egg substitute
12:30p- 4 1/2 oz salmon, 1 C okra, 2 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp fish oil
4pm- 1 1/2 oz salmon, 1 C okra
7pm - salmon, salad, mixed raw nuts
8pm- 2 slices bacon

Holy day of salmon!  I didn't get a chance to cook, and it was easy.  No WOD today, that is officially one week off from Crossfit.  I guess in a way it is good for me, I just had so much going on this week.  I had a bad day at work, and I just wanted to go home and spend time with my family.  Definitely hitting the gym tomorrow- I am not working so no excuses!

Second day in a row!

Today was my rest day. My knees are just killing me for some reason. My day went fairly well food-wise until....I had to go to Sugar Bakery and order my girls' birthday cakes. When I left, she gave me 4 cupcakes! I had to bring them into my office so they wouldn't melt and you can imagine where the story goes next.....I had one staring at me all afternoon and at 5:00, after I'd been beaten up by my clients enough, i caved and ate one. It was chocolate, filled with chocolate mousse, topped with chocolate butter cream, chocolate sprinkles and a chocolate covered gummy bear. IT WAS DELICIOUS! So, I didn't give up sugar all week and I've had my cheat already. The good thing is that i came home tonight, ate chicken and green beans, gave the remaining cupcakes to my family and now they're gone and I can move on. Night.

Amanda M...Day 94

Sleep: Went to bed at about 1030 and woke up at 630

Food: same as usual. Was feeling a bit sluggish today though so I added in a banana with almond butter before the WOD tonight.

Today was a pretty good one. My legs are a bit beat up from yesterday but I powered through it. I shaved 5 seconds off my 1k (3:55) I need to test my 2k again soon because getting under 8 minutes is one of my goals for the year.

Short blog today! Feeling a bit tired...going to kick up my feet and relax. Goodnight all

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

4/24.....James P

Sleep:  got a great nights sleep last night 9:30p-5:45a
Stress: Feeling great as of late.

pre wod:  Shake, adrenal tincture, relax tone homepathic remedy
6:30am WOD   8:04 but I subbed in ring rows, 95lb thruster
post wod: 2 eggs, decaf coffee
10:00am   celery sticks (forgot my almond butter at home)
12:00pm    1 cup chili,  large spinich salad with orange and yellow bell peppers, cucumbers,
 no dressing
fish oil, multi vitaa,  Aller-C, Vita-D
3:00pm      1 mini cucumber and 1 serving of raw almonds, 1 coconut water
6:00pm    Roasted chicken breast, broccoli and suated spinich/garlic
8:00pm    carrotts, celery with some guac.

Got to see Nitro killing it 2 days in a row at 6:30. 6 weeks until the baby is due so the anticpation and stress should be picking up a bit. Hope everyone is doing well today.


Hi guys! I saw Amanda tonight, as I do most nights when I WOD at 5:30pm, and she called me out that I hadn't been blogging. She's right! Fact is, I don't know what to write everyday! So, I'll tell you what I've been up to. Over the last two weeks I've been working fairly closely with Dr. Jaime. She is great! Almost like having a therapist. Poor girl. Anyway, she is helping me focus on things so that I don't have a cheat or get overwhelmed and then fall off for a week. The plan is to focus on the next 9 weeks for now and then revisit the first week of July. So right now I am focusing on two main things; giving up Diet Coke and sugar (of course) and not skipping meals. As crazy as it sounds, I don't like eating breakfast, I often only eat lunch during the day and then if I'm home late after a WOD or a late night at work, once I put my kids to bed and it is almost 9:00 I usually don't have the energy to make anything to eat so I don't eat anything or I eat Goldfish crackers or something that I can grab real quick that isn't good for me. Dr. Jaime said that this behavior is sabotaging my performance/weight loss. So, I've been working on planning out meals so I have something to eat, relying on my husband to start meals for us so we don't have to start cooking so late and she gave me some go to things to have in my kitchen to have if I don't have anything to eat and don't want to cook so at least I don't skip meals, like frozen turkey burgers, veggies, etc. As far as progress, well I've given up Diet Coke! Again! I know you've all heard this from me before but, this time when I gave it up it wasn't nearly as hard. Maybe I'm in the right place now. Since I gave up Diet Coke, this week my focus is on giving up sugar as a whole. So far, I've had a little slip but nothing too crazy (M&Ms). Plus, I've planned all my meals, stocked my pantry and haven't skipped a meal for several days! This is quite an accomplishment for me! Anyway, I hope you all are doing well! I'll keep you posted.


Again today I hit CFM early.  I kinda like the change of scenery.  Plus I get to see James leaving his guts on the floor...keep going man!  My stress is fine.  But getting up at 4:30-5:00am these last couple days was NOT easy.  That extra hour or two of sleep really makes a huge difference.  I'm literally going to bed after I finish this blog.  Trying to be in the door of CFM for 5:30am class tomorrow.  Then I get to move pretty much the entire day and into Thursday morning...YEAHHHH BUDDY!  Today for the first time in 3 months or more I went back into the classes.  No Comp WOD, No power lifting WOD, No unknown WOD (which I prefer the most btw)...straight performance, sort of.  While I was waiting for the 5:30 class to end and waiting to talk with Jason I realized that I and everyone else in that box thrives off of each others energy.  There's so much physical and mental positive energy that I literally think the place was buzzing.  I'm not sure if I'm explaining this right but it was just awesome.  So the WOD, I was all warmed up and ready to go for whatever Jason was going to throw at me.  Then he said, "How do your wrists feel?"  I told him Keith got to check them out again yesterday and he said I'm good to go.  So he looked at me and said ok I want you to do the Performance WOD but I want you to do 2 round of 20 Thrusters instead of 10.  I smiled and went and got to work

WOD: (copied and pasted from CFM blog)
A. OHS – 10 minutes of warm up skill work
B. Back Squat, 6.4.2, 315/365/405
10 thrusters, 135/95
25 pull ups
50 burpees
25 pull ups
10 thrusters, 135/95
WOD: Rx’d scaled up thrusters to 20 at #135
Second round of 20 thrusters was brutal but terrific!!! Thanks Coach!

Breakfest:  1 black coffee, 1 tall water, 1 pre-WOD Vitacoco, 8oz broiled flounder w/mixed veggies
Snack 1:  2 grilled chicken tenderloins, Celery w/almond butter
Lunch 1: 1/2 roasted chicken from Boston Market w/mashed sweet potatoes, grilled spinach w/garlic and I nailed that little corn bread.  Normally I don't but today I was STARVING!  I could easily eat 12 of those mini corn breads.
Snack 2: 1 serving raw almonds, 1 green tea
Lunch 2: 8oz broiled flounder w/mixed veggies
Snack 3: some nut/granola cereal (dry), a handful of multigrain crackers w/almond butter and some chocolate covered Goji berries
Dinner: 8oz broiled flounder w/mixed veggies  

Maria Week 14 Day 2

Okay, hit snooze this a.m.  I went to bed too late.  I know that if I am not sleeping by 10pm, waking up at 4:45am isn't going to happen.  No WOD today, don't be disappointed in me!  The only other time I have gone this long with no WOD is when I was injured and could barely walk.

8am- 2 oz turkey breast, 1 1/2 oz avocado
10:20am- 1 C cooked cabbage, 3 oz chicken breast, 3/4 oz avocado, 2 tsp olive oil
3:00pm- salad with 3 oz tuna, 3/4 oz avocado, 1 tsp fish oil, 1 tsp olive oil, lime juice
5:40pm- 4 1/2 oz salmon, 2 C okra, 1 tsp olive oil
7:30p- picked on stuff: ham, salmon, 3 slices uncured bacon, raw almonds, walnuts

Stressful day at work today, but didn't turn to food, even though there were baskets full of chocolate around.  The picking is so hard for me to stop it is like I am addicted to it or something...

Amanda M...Day 92 & 93

Forgot to blog last night. Got sidetracked :-)

Food for yesterday and today were the same:
Breakfast- eggs and sausage
Snack- strawberries
Lunch- spinach salad with tuna, salsa, gorgonzola cheese, balasmic vin dressing, side of red peppers
Snack- carrots
Dinner- ropa vieja with cuban style 'rice'

WOD yesterday: Didnt get a 1 rep PR on the power clean. My brain is my own worst enemy. Last time it took me 5 tries to get a 155# PC up...yesterday, I threw it up like it was nothing. 165? Didn't happen. Colin wasn't happy and neither was I lol

8 min AMRAP 3 PC/15 air squats @125#...I believe I got it about 5-6 rounds

WOD today: Got up to 95 on the OHS, 95/105/135 for the back squats
I did 85# for the thrusters....95# just seemed way too heavy for me today. It takes a lot for me not to do the RX but I didn't want to overdo it today.

Off to post on my personal guys have to try the ropa delicious!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Quick Post...

I was up and in CFM at about 5:45 this am.  I have yet another jam packed ridiculous week of work, training, projects, moving Tuesday night and Wednesday and then studying for my CrossFit Trainer exam on Sunday.  WOOF!!!  I ate great today. 

Breakfast:  Coffee, Water, VitaCoco and some nut/grain/berry healthy earthy crunchy cereal...ate it dry
Snack 1:  Celery w/almond butter
Lunch 1:  Ground Turkey meat sauce with Kelp noodles...what a mind f**k but it works
Snack 2:  Celery stick, some cucumber and some macadamia nuts
Lunch 2:  My favorite paleo meal made with real organic beef...I could eat it for every meal...YEAH BUDDY!
Snack 3:  Some mixed nut/trail mix from TJs
Dinner 1:  Mixed green salad with grilled chicken and balsamic vinaigrette
And just now typing this I realized I didn't eat enough today and I know Jason will have a nice Lactic burner planned for me tomorrow.  SHIT!!!  I better pre-load some carbs when I wake up.

5 min Handstand walk/holds (warm up)
Then about 5 min working on Clean and Jerk Progressions
5 min on the clock:  Clean and Jerk #135 x 3 on the min every min
Rest 5 min
5 min on the clock:  Clean and Jerk #185 x 2 on the min every min
Rest 5 min
7 min AMRAP
5 burpees-10 DUs-15 Air squats

Maria Week 14 Day 1

Went to bed at 10:30pm, woke up t 6:30am.  I had planned on going to CFM for the 5:30PM class tonight, but as usual life got in the way.  I was called to a meeting at work late in the day, and ended up working late.  I usually can not go at night, but  it seems like whenever I plan to go in the evening, something happens and I miss my workout.  I have not been there since Thursday and I am going nuts!

7:30am- 1 oz turkey breasst, 1/4 oz avocado
9am- 1/3c pumpkin, 1/2C egg whites, 2 TBSP coconut flour (muffins)
12:30pm- 3 oz tuna, 4 C lettuce, 1/4C tomato, 1/4C onion, 1 tsp fish oil, 1 tsp olive oil, 3/4 oz avocado
2pm- 1 1/2 oz salmon, 1 C cooked cabbage, 1/4 tsp fish oil
5pm- 1 oz ham, 1 C okra, 1/4 tsp fish oil

7pm- taught a 55 min weight class, practiced handstand holds -YEAH NEIL!

8:30p- ham, pecans

I had to eat at this hour because that is when I got home and I was starving!

4/23...James P

Sleep; 10-5:45    slept pretty good
Stress: not bad...more anxious with everything coming up, but more excited then stressed

pre wod: shake
6:30am wod:  
Post wod:  2 eggs and turkey sausage, decaf coffee
12:00pm: spinich salad, bell peppers, red onion, grilled chicken.   1 cup  white bean/sausage soup
3:00pm: 1 serving raw almonds
5:00pm: decaf coffee
6:00pm:    ground turkey/kale soup.  not going to lie I make this great!

still hungry so going to snack on some carrotts and guacomole.

shoulders and hips were very sore today so no PR. Didn't push myself over the top 175 PC   135SP.
Hope everyone is doing well........LETS GET BLOGGING! I know it keeps me on track.
Best James

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Amanda M...Day 89, 90 & 91

Maria, I am still here, have no fear! Also...I had a pretty bad weekend as well. Lots of, candy, cupcakes, burritos, egg name it, I ate it! I knew that starting tomorrow I really wanted to get 100% back on track. No more cheats during the week even if they were more skipping workouts just because I didn't want to do them (only happened once tho! But that's one time too many) I am lucky that I've been eating clean enough to not back track...but I haven't made any progress in a few weeks. Time to hit the ground running again!

I got a massage on Saturday....holy hell, did that woman beat me up. My back feels like someone took a baseball bat to it. I definitely needed it came just in time for me to start going hard again.

Damn this rain!! I was going to go running tomorrow morning but it's supposed to rain all the way til tomorrow night. Not happy! Thanks mother nature!

I hope everyone else is doing well. I truly miss reading everyone's blog posts!

Maria Week 13 Day 7

Hello???  Is anybody there???  Where is everybody?  You guys can't leave me!!!

Better day today.  Sleep @ 10:15pm, up @ 6:30am- woke up a couple of times but slept well for the most part.

7:20am: 1/3 C pumpkin, 1/2C egg substitute, 2 TBSP coconut flour (pumpkin muffins)
8:30am- taught a step/weights class-55 min then did 40 min intervals on the elliptical
11:30am- 1 1/2 oz salmon, 1 C cooked cabbage
1:30p- Starving- 3 oz chicken, 1 C okra
4pm- unmeasured ham, cabbage, okra, zucchini mix
4:30pm- 2.5 mile walk
7pm- 1 baked chicken wing, a few bites of chicken breast made with coconut flour/shredded coconut, okra

I sat down today and wrote out my goals for this YLA.  I broke it down to what needs to be done daily/weekly/monthly.  It really helped me to focus.  I am going to tape this to my dresser so that I am forced to look at it every day! 

The support of the group has been key for me, but lately there is no group!!  Lets get it together, blog even if it is a quick check in, it really makes a difference.

Maria Week 13 Day 6

It was not pretty today (Saturday).  I had to work, so my plan was to go to the 7am WOD, but my daughter had an 8am soccer game and my husband worked until midnight, so I decided that it would not be fair for him to get her ready for soccer, get my son up and dressed, feed them and get to the field on his own.  So I missed my workout.  Had a good breakfast, then went to work.  Usually it is incredibly busy on the weekends and there is barely time to eat, but today it was unusually quiet.  Not good for me- I ate all kinds sugar: a reese's peanut butter cup, a bunch of crackers, 1 Russel Stover chocolate, 2 small granola bars.  Plus I ate my nice healthy salad that I brought to work.  Instead of just getting back to clean eating once I got home, I had the "I will start over tomorrow, so I had better eat all the stuff I really want today..." mentality.  I had a lot of walnuts, and some hershey kisses.

For those of you who are reading this, yes I am embarrassed and feel like a slob, but I know that I have to be honest instead of fooling myself and trying to look "perfect" to everybody else.  I am not perfect, I look at these awesome athletes at Crossfit Milford and I wonder if they ever struggle with their food. Some days it is so easy and other days not so much....

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Maria Week 13 Day 4

Slept great- since the kids are on vac and I had the day off, I actually slept and didn't use an alarm clock.  Don't get to do that too often.

8am- 2 eggs, 1 oz organic roast beef, 1 1/2 oz avocado, 1/4C grape tomato
9am WOD: Thrusters 95/95/95/100/100/100/105/110, 55 lb KB Swings, 50m sprints
10:30am- taught a class (55 min weights) didn't do the class 100%
11:45am- 3 oz asian meatballs, cooked broccoli, macadamia (sp?) nuts
3p- Home made veggie soup, turkey breast, more macadamia nuts
picked on uncured pepperoni and turkey breast
7pm- chicken breast with okra, onion, mushroom, cabbage, avocado
9:45pm- sleepytime tea

Didn't measure everything today, but kept it clean- too many nuts.  NO EATING AFTER 8:30!!!

Had trouble with handstand holds today- honestly I have not been practicing them and I had trouble kicking up- I was doing so well with these and feel like I have gone backward.  I need to take Neil's advice and go back to basics and why I wanted to do this YLA.  Maurer's right guys, let's get back into this!

4/19......James P

Sleep 10-5:45...didn't want to get up this morning, but glad I did
pre wod: Shake
6:30am wod:
8:15am: bowl of oatmeal and a banana
10:00am: 5 chicken buff meatballs and 1/2 avocado
12:00pm: Cobb salad with no cheese. 1 cup of black bean soup
2:00pm: 1 serving raw almonds
4:30pm: 1 decaf tea
6:30pm: 5 oz broiled wild salmon, steamed kale and Brussels sprouts.

Feeling good so far this week. Had a few non-paleo items today (bean soup....oatmeal), but again these items replaced much worse ones. I wish I had a journal of what I ate last year on this day. I am sure it consisted of a tuna sandwich packed with mayo on wheat bread for lunch, diet soda, and dinner probably consisted of Pasta, beer and cake! Almost time to go suit shopping!

Amanda M...Day 88

Sleep: great
Food: same as yesterday
WOD: 8 rounds of 2 thrusters/6 kb swings (55#) and 50m sprint
Thrusters were: 85 (1) 90 (1) 105 (2) 110 (3) 115 (1) PR!!

Day 88 and seems as though we've lost quite a few people...we signed up for a year guys!! Come on back!! Posts dont need to be crazy long, it's okay not to be 100% on point...just keep us in the loop :-) and dont forget why you signed up for this!

thursday 4/19

so not aloud to do anything for two weeks because of some teeth surgery i had friday!! I am sooo not happy and feeling like crap and not eating very good!!! My goal this week is to just eat really clean and see if that helps the mentality! I cant let everything go to shit! Tired but i cant asleep at night.. yes this is my pity party. Go to the dentist tomorrow to get the stitches out hopefully they will let me do something!!!! Hope everyone is doing well. I will be there saturday and looking forward to seeing everyone next monday the 30th!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Maria Week 13 Day 3

Slept really well last night 10:30p-6:30a.  No WOD today.

7:20am- 1 oz tilapia, 1 oz tuna, 1  1/2 oz avocado, tomato, onion
9:50am- 1 1/2 oz tilapia, 1 1/2 oz turkey breast, kale, 1 TBSP olive oil
2pm- spinach and kale with 3 oz paleo asian meatballs, 1 TBSP olive oil, lime juice
5:20pm- 3 oz turkey breast, asparagus, 1 TBSP omega 3,6,9,oil, 1 baked chicken wing
7:15pm- out to dinner: grilled salmon (~4 oz), grilled zucchini, salad with ham, egg, lots of veggies, olive oil, balsamic vinegar

Tough day at work today, but did well with the food!  Promised Dr Jaime no eating after 8:30pm- doing well this week with that- it's a challenge.  Could have had more water...  

Amanda M...Day 87

Sleep: Went to bed a bit too late but slept well for once

Food: Same as yesterday. Threw in a few dark chocolate covered almonds...dipped in almond butter. I overdosed on the almond butter today...whoopsie!

DU's, T2B, push ups. I went to do the running instead of the DU's but Colin stopped me and told me to get back inside. I got a few rounds in doing DU's but....rope whips and sunburn do not mix well together. I started running instead after about 10 minutes.

Really need to work on my endurance and speed. I think I'm going to start utilizing the beach and the hill on my street and get some serious work in in the mornings. If anyone has any workout ideas, let me know!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day Somethin Somethin

Today another major weight was lifted off my shoulders.  I had the final oral interview with the Bridgeport Fire Department and I really think I nailed it.  Though I may not get hired for the first round I'm pretty positive I should make the list and now it's just a waiting game.  It could be as soon as 4 months or as long as 2 can never tell.  It's funny how CrossFit factored into my studying for this oral interview.  Coming down the stretch I just kept saying to myself  "You got this", "You're prepared for this", "You can do this" all things that run through my mind before a WOD.  I will never forget that just before I sat down in front of the panel I closed my eyes and took about 10 seconds to clear my head, slowed my breathing and I straight up got in the Zone.  Then all my studying and preparing took over and I hammered the shit out of the questions they asked.  What an adrenaline dump I had.  When I walked out of the interview I was so mentally drained and relieved that I couldn't even remember most the of questions I was just asked.  It was sort of like being in black out mode during one of Jason's monster Lactic sessions.  Nonetheless I am truly blessed to have such an opportunity!

I've been kind of under the weather since Sunday but I didn't really have time to be sick so I just sucked down cold meds for the last few days just to get through these last couple days for obvious reasons.  My food intake was good but not enough...well not enough for me I should say.  I barely had any breakfast, had 2 salmon meals, then a paleo kit before the gym and then I went to Plan B but I really didn't have much of an appetite.  You won't find me saying that very often!  Tonight's WOD didn't seem bad on paper but you know how that goes.  This WOD crushed me...literally sucked the wind right out of me.  Being mad conjested makes 400m runs much more tough...but it is what it is!

20 DB Thrusters (#45) unbroken (I tried so hard)
400m run x 4 rest 6-8 minutes between rounds (Coach wanted my rounds close to 2:30)
Rd 1:  17 Thrusters unbroken-2:22
Rd 2:  15 Thrusters unbroken-3:06
Rd 3:  13 Thrusters unbroken-3:50?
Rd 4:  12 Thrusters unbroken-3:20
I still did all 20 Thrusters

Mad props to Maria for kicking Helen in the mouth tonight...YOU are so cool!!!  Nyquil time!

Amanda M...Day 86

Sleep: again, not as awesome as usual. Damn sunburn is really killing me haha

Breakfast- eggs and sausage
Snack- apple with almond butter
Lunch- chicken with peppers
Snack- carrots
Dinner- sweet potato turkey burger over spinach

Oh wait, I didn't go tonight lol It was a combination of things...first, I had another date last night (damn, I sound like a playa!) and we walked around Milford for literally 2 hours. Not sure if you ladies have ever walked for that long in brand new $3 flip flops but the bottom of my feet were practically rubbed raw. Walking today was very painful (but well worth it!) and since it was Helen and I hate her to begin with...I was feeling extremely unmotivated to go. Whatever! Don't look at me like that! I've been going 5+ days a week since we started this thing...I'm allowed to skip a day lol Back at it tomorrow and I'll add in yoga on Sunday! Kinda excited...

Maria Week 13 Day 2

Bed at 10:30p, up at 7am, woke up a couple of times but went back to sleep easily.

7:45am- 2 oz tuna, 3/4 oz avocado, tomato, onion, lime juice, 2 tsp fish oil, 1 celery stalk
10:45am- 3 oz tilapia, kale, 1 TBSP olive oil
1:30p- Salad (lettuce, tomato, onion, cilantro), 3 oz paleo asian meatballs, 1 TBSP olive oil, lime juice, coconut aminos
5:30p: 3oz turkey breast, cooked asparagus, 1 1/2 oz avocado
6:30p- not hungry but going to the gym and will not be back until late: 2 baked chicken wings, home made veggie soup

7:30pm WOD- Fr Sq 95/95/105/105- these are hard for me, after injuring my back, I lost a lot of strength in my FS

"Helen" 3 rounds: 400m run, 21 KB swings 35 pounds, 12 pull ups
12:51 Rx

The hard part for me was of course the run, I swear in 3 years I don't think I have gotten any faster.  I was tempted to cut the distance down but happy that I didn't do it.  KB swings were unbroken no problem, pull ups were tough the most I got unbroken was I think 5 or 6.

Had a great food day, was tempted with the devil today- chocolate right in my face, but I walked away WHOOT WHOOT.  Great to see Neil at the gym tonight working his BUTT off (literally).

4/17......James P

Sleep: 10-5:30 slept good had a small piece of chicken before bed and relax tone
Stress: feeling good
pre wod: Shake
Wod: 6:30am "helen" 9:44 subbed for the pups
post wod show and a trip to the dentist didnt eat until 10am
10:00am 5 trader joes chicken meatballs and coffee
12:00pm spinich salad with grilled chicken, small split pea soup
5:00pm roasted chicken breast, broc, and some mixed veggies(squash, carrot's)
6:30pm Softball
7:45pm uno Corona
8:30pm still hungry had a small piece of chicken and Brussels sprouts

overall good day felt like I ate a bit much today, but I was hungry so I ate. Goal is to get to 200 by early may. Again not really worried about the weight as much as getting rid of the belly so as long as I am still seeing signs of improvement(waist line..ect ect). Reevaluating my goals this weekend. Going to miss the nutrition meeting with Dr. Jamie as we are getting some maternity photos done. bummmed, but duty calls!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Amanda M...Day 82, 83, 84 and 85

Whoa, haven't gone that long without a post! Weekend overall was good...didn't eat too poorly. Actually, I had a date on Sunday and I tried some duck quesadillas at Pacifico in New delicious! It had pear in it and some raspberry reduction fancy, so unlike me, so amazing. I've become way more adventurous these days, always craving new things!

Got wicked sunburn yesterday haha so I didn't sleep so hot last night because moving was pretty painful.

Food was good. Very basic this week, didnt have time to try a new recipe this weekend.

Monday's are so weird lately lol but not in a bad way. I enjoy starting the week off with a strength day.

Helen tomorrow...fuck my life. I HATE HELEN!!!

Maria Week 13 Day 1

7:45a: 2 slices bacon, 1 oz tilapia, 1 1/2 oz avocado.
10:50a: 3 oz paleo asian meatballs (made with a combo of 93/7 beef and 93/7 ground turkey breast)
2:40p:green salad, 3 oz tilapia, 1 TBSP olive oil, lime juice, 2 C homemade veggie soup

5:30 Crossfit: Power Clean 95/115 (only 2, missed the 3rd)/115 (got it!)
bench press:95/105/110
weighted pull ups (body weight)
push press- got up to 93#
15 sec sprints x 3

6:40- 3 oz chicken breast, broccoli, cauliflower, 1 TBSP olive oil

7pm- taught a weight class but did not do it 100% with my class

8:20p- turkey breast, raw nuts, 2 slices bacon

Had a good night's sleep, busy day at work, happy with my strength at the gym tonight, but huffing and puffing with the running.  We ran 400m to warm up and I thought I was going to pass out!

4/16....James p

Sleep: finally a great night 10-5:30a
pre wod: shake, adrenal tincture
6:30am wod
post wod: 2 eggs, 2 aller-C supplement
10am: celery and carrotts. little anxious at work took 1 dropper Energetix Relax Tone homepathic rem.
12:00pm: mixed green salad, bell peppers, 1 left over ground gf beef burger, 1 multi vita, 1 fish, oil
3:00pm: decafe tea and an apple
6:00pm: 6oz haddok, steamed kale and carrotts

Feeling good! Went to my naturopath last friday all went well. weighed in at 207 and my blood pressure was lowest its been in forever 118/70. I made her take it like 3 times. The adrenal tincture I have been taking has some BP friendly herbs in it and it has really helped my energy levels.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

YLA group is awesome!

Good seeing some of you today outside of our "training" environment.  I want to say I'm  so extremely proud of you all.  I know some of us aren't exactly where we want to be or where we thought we'd be at this point of the journey but we all knew this was not going to be an easy task.  Hell we do freaking CrossFit, that alone deserves mad props!!!  Please, please, PLEASE keep in mind that we are a team and in this together.  If you think you need help or want to talk about it and think you are going to stab someone in the eye with a fork cause your hungry...EAT.  Have a fucking is what it is.  One small blip on the radar does not mean you lost the war...not by a long shot!  I suggested to some today to schedule your cheat meals.  Don't try to think you can go balls out and do 15-20 days straight with super strict Paleo and not have a cheat.  That is unrealistic and you are totally setting yourself up for disaster.  Look at the positives and forget the negatives.  We are pretty much 25% of the way there.  Don't get frustrated cause you're not at your goals's a marathon not a sprint.  But with that said DO NOT quit your goals.  Look yourself in the mirror, do a little self evaluation and soul searching.  Look how far you've come to get to this point.  Was it easy...FUCK NO!  I said this last week and I'll say it again...start chipping away at your goals.  Think what you want to accomplish, write it down.  Put your diet on paper with scheduled cheat meals and snacks and stick to it the best you can.  When the wheels come off put it behind you and pick up where you left off.  SET ACHIEVABLE GOALS!!!  Once achieved reevaluate your progress and set new ACHIEVABLE GOALS!  I love you all!

P.S.  Good one trying to goat me into eating cake.  Don't you peeps understand how mentally strong I am...most of the time!  HAHA

Friday, April 13, 2012

Maria Week 12 Day 5

Bed at 10:30pm, up at 6:30am, slept well.

7:45am- 3 oz salmon, broccoli rabe, 3/4 oz avocado, 1 tsp fish oil

8:30am- 55 minutes kickboxing/weights; no CFM today

11am- paleo asian meatballs, calamari, broccoli rabe, strawberries
2pm- mixed raw nuts, turkey breast
4pm- turkey breast, raw nuts
6pm- salad with turkey, uncured pepperoni, light Honey Mustard dressing
8pm- 2 squares 85% dark chocolate

Not enough veggies today, measured breakfast but that's it.  Low stress day; really LOVED the beautiful weather- so motivating to stay on track.

4/12(thur)...James P

sleep: 10-5:45 not a good night again
stress: not bad

6:30am pre wod shake
6:30am WOD
Post Wod: 2 eggs and bacon
10:00am: blueberry's and raw almonds
12:30pm: mixed green salad with grilled chicken
3:00pm; cucumber and sweet pepper slices
6:00pm: Roasted chicken, bell peppers and squash
8:0pm: 1 serving of popcorn

Extremely tired on Thursday. Ever since Tuesdays WOD just not the same. I drank about 120 oz of water today and a coconut water. I drank decaf teas instead decaf coffee. Started to feel better in the afternoon I am thinking I might have been a bit dehydrated. I am writing this Friday morning and can tell you I feel 100% better than yesterday. I still made an appointment to see my naturopath today at 3pm. food choices good today so far I will blog again tonight.
Best Wishes,

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Amanda M...Day 81

Sleep: 11-630. Went to bed too late....definitely felt the affects from it. I threw myself on the couch when I got home from work but managed to make it to class

Food: eggs sausage, strawberries, chicken, peppers, carrots, southwestern meatloaf, cauliflower rice...the usual! Cant wait to try out a new menu item this weekend...what shall it be? I'm thinking Paleo Sheppard's Pie!!

WOD: Today was a good day. I have no problem with short distance sprinting. I got up to 125# on the front squat by round 4...was a bit tough, so I cut back and worked my way back up again ending on a high note. The rain helped cool me down. Thanks mother nature :-)

Finally getting my mojo back. This is the first time I've ever survived a 'funk' without completely blowing everything I did the 2 months before. Couldn't have done it without this group, I am positive of that! Hope everyone else is getting back on track!!

Saw Morgan tonight at the gym! I was rushing out and she was saying how she's lost her motivation. Told her I better see a blog post tonight! Hope all is well with you girl, we miss you

Maria Week 12 Day 4

Bed around 10:30p up at 6:50am.  Had an awful night's sleep, husband kept stealing the covers!

7:30am- 3 oz chicken breast
11am- big green salad with 1/2 oz uncured pepperoni, 1 oz grass fed roast beef, 1 oz turkey breast, 1 tsp fish oil, 1 TBSP balsamic vinegar, organic raw apple cider vinegar

12p-WOD 10 round 2 Fr Sq. 100m run, rest 2:30- got up to 120#- I have no idea how long each round took I am going to say ~40 seconds

2:45p- Another big green salad with 3 oz calamari, 1 tsp fish oil 1 TBSP light Bolten Farms Honey Mustard Dress, apple cider vin

5:15p- unmeasured chicken, unmeasured fresh pineapple- I bought and cut it up- no wonder why people buy the canned pineapple- it took forever to cut that sucker up!

7:30p- unmeasured paleo asian meatballs (from, broccoli rabe from my father in law's garden- sooo good!

8pm- more pineapple- I know I know too much fruit and at night too...

Good Day today, low stress, could have had more water- happy to be eating clean again!

4/11 ...James P

Sleep: not good last few nights. Took Wed morning off from wod. I am completely exhausted. Tuesday's WOD wiped me out I have not felt the same since.

Stress: feeling ok in this department

woke up 8:15ish
8:30am Shake
10:30am left over ground turkey, squash, Kale
12:30pm Cobb Salad
3:00pm Raw Almonds
6:00pm Wild Salmon, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and carrots all steamed
8:00pm one cup of ben and jerrys ( sweet craving)

Well today was day 3 no diet to keep this going.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Amanda M...Day 80

Wow, we're at day 80 already?! Time is flying!

Sleep and food were all normal. Finally getting back into being a good girl food wise lol I have a bag of cadbury mini eggs sitting on my dresser which are still unopened. HUGE deal haha

Back has been being a dick so I rolled out before and after class. Subbed in shoulder press for HSPU- 25#ers
Did parallel bar holds instead of dips
65# for the push press

All legs tomorrow..super pumped. My shoulders and upper back need a break!

New post on my blog


hi all..... left an email for all my YLA family... hope to see you all at both!!!
taken a few days off this week... just no time in my day.. work work and more work.. softball brownies girlscouts PTA and Play sooo tired! and so much to do not sleeping at night... other stresses too which isnt helping anything at all... next week is a vacation week from school.. so looking forward to it!

definatley drinkng more water!!!
meals could be better as always...
sleep.. could be longer...
stress.. high but temporary right...

meeting: Dr Jaime: nutrition 4/21 11:00
meeting: YLA MOnday april 30 7:30

regionals: may 25-27.. anyone planning on going up, i know Yadi is and we are.. anyone else???? My husband Dan is the alternate on the team.... Go CFM!!!!

Gladiator Gauntlet: I think we should have some YLA teams doing it!!!! think about it!!!

have a good night!

Maria Week 12 Day 3

Did not sleep well last night, kept waking up- very restless. Got out of bed at 4:45 am

5:30am WOD- modified PP for HSPU, and GHD for T2B and K2B- I still can't hang from the bar with my banged up hand.

8:15am- 2 hard boiled eggs
12:10p- 3 oz salmon, 1 C spaghetti squash, 1 tsp fish oil
4:30p- 3 oz calamari, kale, 1 tsp fish oil
6:14p- broccoli, 3 oz baked sole, 1 tsp olive oil
7:30p- chicken breast baked with coconut flour and shredded coconut, broccoli, cauliflower
picked on chicken breast

had a low stress day today, back on track, just need to stop the picking!  I have a lot going on in my life and I think it is why I am eating more these days.  As a friend of mine always says "too much on your plate equals too much on your plate!"  Can't wait to get back to 100% in the gym, it is hard to do anything when your hand doesn't work!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 79-80

I promised Maria I'd blog tonight but after the WOD I did tonight and then a 2 and half hour study session just now I'm completely toast.  With that said I will update this tomorrow morning when I come out of my slumber.  I'm completely beat down...but love it!

Ok so I had PT this morning at 7:45 with my favorite resident doctor, Dr. Keith.  I've progressed significantly since the cortisone shots and Dr. Keith told Jay I'm already at 90%...that's HUGE!  Obviously I feel better physically but it feel like I was born again mentally...tough to describe but now I feel my state of mind is invincible.  All my food and meals were on point yesterday and so far today also great.  I actually just crushed a 1 and a half pound salad I made at Whole Foods for lunch.  It was so good!  I had also purchased some kelp noodles, kale chips some pumpkin seeds and obvi I was flying high and the cute girl at the register said.  "You seem in a really good mood, what type of diet you on low carb?"  I said no, I'm just do CrossFit and live a Paleo lifestyle.  Her response "That's awesome!"  Yeahhhh buddy!

Now onto my discussion with my training and programming.  Jason and I are taking it easy on my wrists so any movements I do will have low impact on my wrist for this week.  We also had a discussion about over training and deviating from the prescribed programming.  I made him a promise I will never deviate from his programming ever again...EVER!  What he says goes and that's it.  So this week I decided I don't want to know what my WODs are until I'm warmed up and ready to go...I want them to be a surprise.  "Preparing for the unknown"!

Monday's WOD
50 Back Squats #275
1k row
All for time: 10:06  (I smashed the shit out of this WOD and dam did it feel good, well the row was terrible after the 50 Back Squats but you know what I mean.)

Tuesday's WOD (This one was even worse then Monday...WOOF!)
10 Minute AMRAP
Ascending ladder:  Dead Lift #275 and Double unders
Example: 1 DL-10 DUs, 2 DL-20 DUs, 3 DL-30DUs, ect
I got 7 rounds of the Dead Lift (all unbroken which was what he prescribed) and hit 53 DUs when time was up but my WOD was far from over.  I immediately had to run outside and drag a sled with #205lbs on it 400 meters!  Yes 400 Fu**ing meters.  It was definitely top 3 all time worst things I've ever done in a WOD.  Now I pride myself on never collapsing on the floor after WODs, I can't say it doesn't happen occasionally but I try to be mentally strong enough not to hit the floor.  So instead I made my way over to the new dumbbell rack and pretty much collapsed on that thing and was unable to move for about 2-3 minutes.  AWFUL but a good awful.  I think I told Jay I hate him on my way in after the sled drag...LOL.  So today was a prescribed rest day by Jay which I completely understand cause the amount and weight and volume I did in 2 days is amazing and...I can barely walk.  My legs, buttocks and even the muscles in my feet are sore...HAHA!

How is everyone doing on there goals and timelines?  Have you reevaluated where you're at and recalculated your goals according to your progress?  Another thing I want to mention is we are almost 25% through this process.  There should be no more "Starting over".  "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today!"  Get your goals down on paper, get your diet down on paper.  Bust out the calendar and set like 6 week achievable goals.  We're in this together and I love you all!  The only person I haven't seen at CFM or read about on the blog is Dan.  Anyone know what's up with him?

Amanda M...Day 79

Sleep: solid

Breakfast- eggs over easy with sausage
Snack- about a cup of strawberries
Lunch- chicken with red peppers
Snack- baby carrots
Dinner- southwestern meatloaf and cauliflower rice with guac

WOD: Did not think it was going to be as bad as it was. Although I dont remember there being squat cleans when I looked at the WOD last night!!! I RXed the workout...something I probably should have reconsidered seeing as though all the guys around me were doing 95# as well. I could barely run at the end, my back was tensing up so horribly. I had to take a few stops and literally try to hold myself together. I've never wanted to cry during a workout but I was very close tonight...such pain!! My back has definitely been giving me problems lately....

The back squats for 8.6.4 I did 95/115/135, all felt pretty light

Good to see Nitro back at it tonight and always a pleasure to see Maria's face in the crowd of us night owls!

4/10......James P.

Sleep: 11-5:45 woke up several times.
Stress: medium.....lot to get done over the next 8 weeks before the baby comes.
pre wod: shake
6:30am WoD : tough one for me today really took alot out of me.
post wod: Turkey meatballs with some guac, decaf coffee
10:30am: carrotts with some guac
12:30pm: spinich salad with grilled chicken breast, sparkling water
5:30pm: Ground turkey with squash, orange bell pepper, and Kale
8:30am: half of broiled chicken breast (was starving)

tough sleeeping the last few nights. Gail isnt sleeping well and when she gets up so do I. This definetly hurt my WOD this morning. Hopefully tonight is better.

Maria Week 12 Day 2

Went to Bed at 10:30pm, up at 6:30a, woke up once in the middle of the night but was able to go back to sleep.  I have been able to go to the gym at night for the past couple of days, so I was able to get more sleep!
7:45- shake made with: 1 C unsweetened coconut milk, 1/2 C frozen berries,, 1 C raw kale.  3 oz turkey breast 1 tsp fish oil

10:25: 1 C spaghetti squash, 3 oz salmon, 1 tsp fish oil

1:30: Green salad with 3 oz chicken breast, 1 TBSP Bolthouse Farms Honey Mustard Dressing

4:30- salad with 1 oz baked sole, 2 oz turkey breast, 1 TBSP Bolthouse Farms Honey Mustard Dressing

5:30p- WOD- Back Sq 8,6,4 with pause at bottom: 103/113/123
1K row, 35 squat cleans (75#), 800m run- I don't remember the time I think it was 16:29 or something like that.  Hard as shit for me.  All I kept thinking was if I had done the Rx weight it would have taken me double the time!

7:30- Big Salad with a medley of leftovers- 1/4 C egg substitute, roast beef, turkey, ham, 1 TBSP Bolthouse Farms Honey Must Dressing, 1 TBSP olive oil.  Picked on turkey pepperoni- I am not buying this ANYMORE!  I bought it for my kids' lunch, but I am the one who eats it!

Reached out to Dr. Jaime today told her I was struggling with consistency.  I hope we can get everyone fired up again!

Trial Delayed!

So I found out late last night that the trial I've been preparing for for over a year has now been delayed...for no apparent reason. Bad for my business guys but probably good for me. I'm not sure what to do with myself! I've gotten really good at delegating lately and had my ind set to trial and sacrifice mode. Now, I can focus on me. I'm meeting with Dr. Jaime either thismthursday or next week as a jump start. Things are looking up!

Monday, April 9, 2012

It's been awhile...

Egg whites, salsa, black beans
Siggi's yogurt
Hummus and celery
Apple and almond butter
Egg whites, ham, spinach
2 bowls of soup (beans, spinach, peppers, onions)
1 piece 85% dark chocolate
WOD: PCs @ 85lbs x5; push jerks @ 83/73lbs x5; 10 pull ups on gravitron
I slacked on the diet all weekend, which means Thurs through Sunday. I'm back on it though. I can't afford to feel this shitty and sluggish. Today, I ate too many carbs (apple, hummus, & beans), so I gotta chill out with that.

Amanda M...Day 78

Sleep: solid

Food: totally didnt think the grocery store would be closed yesterday so I didnt have much to work with today
Breakfast- scrambled eggs with turkey
lunch- chicken with carrots
dinner- stop and shop salad bar.........reese's peanut butter egg........ Easter is my favorite holiday for candy :-(

WOD: Had a rough weekend! (refer to my latest status update on fb haha) so today I wasn't all with it but still did well.
5x5 power cleans @105#
5x5 push jerks...started with 105 but it was too light, so I pumped it up to 115#
5xamrap jumping pull ups. Was being told by a few people to move onto a band...just couldnt test it out in front of such a big class. Guess that's still one of my big fears...failing in front of people. Soon...very soon I will give it a go

Night all

Day 78?

Hi here all, miss you guys!  Update on the wrists...before yoga yesterday, yes I said yoga, I went in early and did some practice to test my wrists.  I didn't do anything crazy or any significant amount of weight just wanted to test them.  Initially I was unsure how the felt but once I got warmed up they didn't really hurt and I finished my practice with 3 clean and jerks #185 then put the weights away and got dominated by yoga...but it was awesome and I'm doing yoga every week from now on.

Today I went in and discussed with Jason that this week I need to keep activity to a minimum on the wrists.  So here's what I was lucky enough to enjoy for a WOD:

50 back squats #275
1k row
All for time:  10:06

I absolutely crushed this WOD.  Don't get me wrong, it sucked especially the row.  During the row I just keep saying over and over again you got this, you can do this, keep on and so forth.  I was completely destroyed after the WOD but all the rest (approx 12 days) really helped.  HUGH weight off my shoulders with my wrists seeming to be healing and ok!

Breakfest: Paleo kit, 1 black coffee, 1 tall water, 1 pre-WOD VitaCoco
Lunch 1:  8oz Tilapia w/grilled mixed veggies
Snack 1: Celery sticks
Lunch 2: Grilled Chicken garden salad w/Balsamic vinaigrette
Snack 2: 1 serving raw almonds
Dinner 1: 8oz Tilapia w/grilled mixed veggies
Snack 3:  1 small avocado
Snack 4: small amount of cashews, macadamia nuts and raisins
Dinner 2:  My special ground turkey w/sauteed garlic/onion w/diced mini tomatoes and olives over chopped summer squash.  I just love it!

Posting for me will be hit or miss in the short term.  I'm moving soon, have interviews (Bpt fire department) and still 2 other projects going on while real life is still happening.  Crazy, crazy, crazy but I love it!  PEACE

4/9....James P

Sleep: 10-5:45am...I thought I slept great, but my wife says I kept her up all night...felt rested
Stress: feeling great. Starting a 10 day Tony Robbins program "The Time of your Life" to help Maximize my day and help lower stress

pre wod: protein shake
6:30am WOD
Post Wod: 5 Turkey Meatballs with guacamole
9am: decaf coffee
12:00pm mixed green salad with grilled chicken, 1 cup split pea soup
3:00pm cauliflower and cucumber slices
4:30pm decaf coffee
6:3opm Broiled Chicken, Brussels Sprouts, steamed fresh carrots, zucchini, cauliflower
8:00pm 1 cup Ben and Jerry's had a sweet craving and a prego wife! I portioned it out in a small coffee mug.

Felt great today. first day without a diet coke in sometime I think. Got a sparkling poland spring and it helped with any craving for it. Hope everyone is well.

Still here...

Hi guys. I know I've been out of touch lately but, I wanted to let everyone know I'm still here. Work is beyond stressful right now gearing up for my trial (if you know of anyone considering going to law school, tell them to come see me first!). Plus the added stress of work/life balance. I haven't been eating great, but not awful either. I've been talking to Dr. Jaime and am scheduling a follow up,with her. For the next few weeks when I'm struggling with a lot of stress, I'm going to do my best not to beat myself up and feel guilty about food choices or not getting to the gym. In may there are no more excuses and I am hitting it hard. Until then, I'm giving myself a bit of a break but, not completely falling off track. I'll try to keep more in touch. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Amanda M...Day 75, 76 & 77

Happy Easter all

Quick post...currently suffering from a food baby. Ham, twice baked potatoes, broccoli casserole, soda...ugh weekends have been really horrible lately. Really need to get back on my game!

So ready to be back on Paleo...I feel like total shit!!

Night everyone!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

hello!!! Happy Easter and Passover!!

hello!!! anybody there!!!
good couple of days! sleep has been really good bed early and sleeping solid!!! felt good in the WODS the last couple of days although todays run hurt my lower back whcih i knew it would because we did deadlifts yesterday. I suck at running anyway and that never helps. Its frustrating to be the first girl out of the gym to run and then be like last coming in!! but i did it!
have eaten too many jellybeans.. knew i shouldnt have even bought them but otherwise good..
drink: water
wods : MON WED FRI and SAT this week
have a great hoiday!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Amanda M...Day 74

Sleep: normal

Food: ate well but had 2 cookies. I had made them for work but they didn't come out how I liked so they are sitting around the house. Luckily the roommates love them so they shouldn't be around long

WOD: Really didn't want to go to class tonight. I HATE box jumps...well, more afraid of them. My body just wasn't meant to be airborne! However, I am so glad I went. The RX for the jumps was 24" but I have never gone higher than the white box in a WOD so I used a 20". For the first time in a WOD ever :-)
8 rds
6 box jumps 20"
3 thrusters...I got up to 110# in the 8th round. Felt awesome! Great energy from the girls in my group
9 kb swings @ 55#. The 55# is feeling lighter and lighter lately lol

SOOOO excited for a day off tomorrow. Night all

Maria Week 11 Day 4

Short post tonight, it is late and I have to go to sleep!  Food was good today, but I didn't measure my dinner and I picked on pumpkin seeds.  This behavior is really challenging, but I have to remind myself that I want to be different AND JUST DO IT!

4/5.....James P

Sleep: 11-5:45
Stress: ok

pre Wod: shake, adrenal tincture, relax tone homepathic rem
6:30am WoD
Post Wod: Paleo muffin and decaf coffee
9:00am 2 eggs
12:00pm spinach salad with grilled chicken, 1 cup of beef chili
3:00pm carrots with almond butter
5:00pm decaf coffee
7:00pm homemade Turkey Burger, green beans, cauliflower

First day back in a week and felt pretty good.

Amanda M...Day 73

Forgot to post last night! Was a busy and baking and writing up a craigslist ad for a new roommate! haha Always fun

Sleep: normal
Food: the usual during the day but for dinner I made a southwest meatloaf and some cauliflower rice...omg the meatloaf was like eating the inside of a taco, it was delicious.

WOD: Probably could have pushed myself harder but like Jay's post cant say "i could have done better" you just HAVE to do better. I think I need to progress to the band on the pull ups, I am just too nervous of looking like a fool if I fail! I know...I know...

For the past 2 weeks, I havent been eating the best but I have been still working out 5x a week which is a huge improvement from my past 'run downs' Usually I would skip out on the gym a lot and combine it with eating like an idiot so I guess I have made progress! Also, I've gotten two "have you lost more weight?" comments this week which was shocking to me because I felt really bad about myself lately so that's another plus.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Maria week 11 Day 3

Bed at 11pm, up at 6:30am- slept well.
8:30am- 3 oz chicken, 1/2 C cauliflower coconut rice, 1/2 C brussels sprouts, 1 oz avocado,
11:30am- 3 oz flounder, 1 C brussels sprouts, 1 tsp fish oil

12pm- WOD- clean pulls 135#, 18 min AMRAP: 4 PU, 6 T2B, 8 RR, 30 DU- 9 Rounds
I had the Rx until I felt a stinging in my right hand at the end of round 8- I looked at my hand and it was ripped in 2 places and bleeding.  I tried to go on but I just couldn't- I had to sub push ups for the PU and sit ups for the T2B for the last round.  DU were good though...

4pm- 3 oz chicken breast, salad with: lettuce, cucumber, tomato, artichoke hearts, 1 tsp fish oil, 2 tsp omega 3,6,9 oil.
6:45pm- 2 skinless chicken drumsticks, broccoli, spinach, onions, a few slices of turkey pepperoni
 1 C mixed berries

Good day today. I am starting to feel like myself again, kind of like waking up from a bad dream.  I am starting to panic that I will not reach my goals this year if I keep losing time like this.  FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!!!


Hello All,
I have returned recharged back from our babymoon. It was great to disconnect and recharge. Not opening my email for 6 days was a challenge, but something I needed to do. I turned my phone on for a few minutes on friday and the work voicemails/texts/emails started to come in so the phone went right back off. Stress levels were starting to get a little high before the trip as it is getting down to crunch time before the bundle of joy arrives...still a ton to do. choices were 80% great on the trip. It is near impossible to eat bad when its 90 degrees out. Salads, Fish, fillet M all found there way into my belly! A few deserts and some much needed cocktails(didn't over do it at all was with my beautiful pregnant wife) filled up my 20% of negative for the week.
I am back at it tomorrow morning at 6:30am. I just read through a bunch of Jay's and other posts on CFM and definitely some inspiring stuff. Excited to get back to the grind and continue this journey! Back to blogging tomorrow!


if you guys are looking to go the CF regionals in Ma hotel block information is on the facebook page!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Don't give up...don't ever give up!" Jimmy V

Long post coming, but need to put it out there in hopes it will make me feel better.  Well obviously I've falling off the map and been flying under the radar recently.  Things didn't turn out exactly as I planned...not even close to be honest.  Coming down the stretch for the CF games I tried my best to mentally block the pain I was in...I thought and hoped it was working but I was wrong.  Instead of having better WOD times, getting stronger and getting more reps the opposite happened.  I was digressing as my training moved forward, pain or no pain.  I was mentally struggling with how I scored in the games WODs.  It was literally tearing me up but I just kept pushing forward to the next week.  When I realized how terribly I performed in 12.4 is when it finally hit me.  I was exhausted 50 wall balls in, every time I caught that 20lb medicine ball pain was shooting down both my wrists and into my elbows, I couldn't shut it out anymore.  I finally accepted the fact that I had some real issues and that my whole CrossFit season was about to end.  I couldn't even hold a 45lb barbell in practice on the thrusters for was just over.  The Thursday night of the YLA meeting with Dr. Keith was eye opening.  He showed me some things to try of the next couple weeks to help my wrists recuperate.  I called him 5 days later and said it's not getting better, they actually hurt worse.  Immediately the next day I was in his office in Hamden.  Keith spent 2 hours working on me, treating me, stretching me, treating me again and then icing me.  Then we agreed I'd try the recuperation process all over again.  5 days later (Sunday) I picked up my 18 month old nephew up like 10 times and my wrists were so bad I didn't know what to do anymore...they were still getting worse.  I called Keith yesterday and told him the story and he pretty much said that's it you need cortisone shoots and you need them immediately or this is going to be real bad.  So today I meet with Keith's colleague.  The treatment was not pleasant but I did what I had to do.  Now only time will tell but they certainly feel a 1000 times better right now then they did 12 hours ago.  I only have myself to blame for all this and I accept full responsibility.  I learned alot from this experience, good or bad!

Ok onto the cleanse.  I did amazing into the evening of the 3rd night.  But on day 4 I was so hungry, and tired, and pissy and blah blah blah I had to eat.  FAIL!  Once I ate it was totally over.  I thought I'd be fine but as soon as I got hungry again I ate again and then the wheels came off.  Then on Sunday I completely ruined the whole thing because my friend called me whom I hadn't seen in a really long time and we when out to lunch and it was over.  I was just mentally drained, physically drained and mentally weak and I pretty much just gave up...very unlike me.  I let depression sneak in the back door and it sucked the life out of me!  What a shame!

So where does NITRO go from here?  I'm going to pick myself up, dust myself off and get back to work.  I can't wait to smell the rubber at CFM.  Obviously I won't be going balls out right away in the WODs, I have to safeguard myself from these wrist problems but once I get the green light from Coach and Dr. Keith you can bet your butt I am going to come back and work harder then I have in the past, improve on my technique and just kill every WOD!!!

Do not let depression in because it will suck the life out of you!!!

so the studies show...

ok all... the studies show that usually around the two ,two and a half mark is when people tend to loose focus and concentration on a long term project. This is because it isnt "new" any more and has moved out of the exciting honeymoon stage and into the real " marriage" so just like any other relationship our relationship with ourselves and food and CFM and our dedication now has to come from a place a little deeper. It is the norm and sometimes the norm isnt that exciting so we need to revisit our motivations, goals, and reasons why we joined the group in nthe first place. Reevaluate some goals give yourself a new focus.... change a workout time.... try a new recipe...... just a few examples of how we can get through this hump. It also says that if you can move from this temorary let down of reality and get through to the three three and a half month mark it gets a little easier. and you start to gain momentum again!! we got this!

Amanda M...Day 72

Sleep: 930-530...omg love going to bed that early.

Food: same as yesterday. Added in a paleo cake after dinner. Had another emotional shitty day.

Just was NOT feeling this today. Anytime I burpees mixed with running, I completely shut down and it just wasn't pretty. I was able to knock out the OHS but after that, it was just downhill.

Ran into Dan tonight...apparently we are ALL struggling to stay motivated. I thought I was the only one who went through this shit but we just all have to pull through! This is the time where our support system is most important. Keep communicating, keep fighting, we'll all be back on track.

Maria Week 11 Day 2

Bed at midnight, up at 7am- slept solid, drool on my pillow!

7:40am- 2 oz flank steak, 1 C cooked cabbage/onions, 1/2 tsp fish oil

9am WOD: 5 rounds 17 unbroken OHS, 17 burpees, 200m run rest 5 min
OHS-53# then 65# for the last round- I know it is weird but I like OHS, I was very very slow on the burpees and the run, best time was 3 min.  I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest!  This one was a puker.

1:30pm-3 oz tuna, 1 1/2 C lettuce, 1 C cucumber, 1/2 C tomato, 1 tsp fish oil, organic raw apple cider vinegar
5pm- 2 oz chicken breast brussels sprouts
7:30pm- 6 oz chicken breast, 1/2 C coconut cauliflower rice, 1/2C brussels sprouts, 1 C combined: crushed tomato, salsa (no sugar), zucchini, mushroom, onion, okra, 1 oz avocado
8:30pm- sleepy time tea

Great day today, took the day off of work, low stress, no cravings.  It REALLY helped to have that discussion on Facebook today about losing motivation.  Sometimes I think I am the only one who struggles.  I talked to another friend today from CFM who gets it and that was great too.  I am so grateful for this!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Maria Week 11 Day 1

Slept really well last night.

7:50am- 2 oz flounder, 1/2 C strawberries, 1 tsp fish oil
10:45am- 3 oz flounder, 1 C mixed broccoli, 1 tsp fish oil
12:30pm- 3 oz chicken breast, 3 C lettuce, 1/2 C tomato, 1 tsp omega 3,6,9 oil, organic raw apple cider        vinegar
4:15pm- 3 oz chicken breast, 3 C lettuce, 1 tsp omega 3,6,9 oil, organic raw apple cider vinegar
8:30pm- 1 chicken drumstick, 3 oz steak, cabbage/onions, raw pumpkin seeds, grapes

5:30pm WOD- HPC/PC 83 lbs,  weighted pull ups for 60s (5 lb/body weight) shoulder to OH 83 lbs (20 KTE every time I drop the bar)- 22 reps, A LOT of  KTE!

Better day today food wise, but SUCKED ASS in the gym. Had a talk with Maurer about F-ing things up right around this time in the past.  I know I tend to just forget the reasons I wanted to do this in the first place.   I can really see the connection between nutrition, sleep, and my performance in the gym.  If one thing is off, it throws everything out of whack.  Trying to get my shit together...


meals: 7:30 waffles
10:00 fruti and nut bar
11:00 tuna banana pistachios
5:30 to long woithout something but went to work at Crossfit and forgot something to eat steak veggie stir fry
drink: water and tea
wod: yes 3:30 class
stress.... gonna be a long month!!! lol!!!
have a great night!

Amanda M...Day 71

I was having a great day......until I saw the picture on the CFM site with me in the background. Really tired of seeing pictures of myself and totally cringing at how awful I think I look. All I see are's exhausting. I had to talk myself into wearing a tank top tonight and of course a picture gets taken and now I never want to wear one again...ughhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Sleep: 10-530. Slept fine
Breakfast- eggs and sausage
Snack- strawberries
Lunch- chicken and red peppers
Dinner- salad from stop n shop

HPC x2, PC x4 105# at 3 rds
Ring rows amrap x3

10 min amrap shoulder to overhead
20 kte whenever you drop the bar
I did in 35 reps. Was a tough weight, mostly just bothered my wrists.

Hoping to sleep off my bad feelings. Night all

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Amanda M...Day 68, 69 and 70

Hey hey hey! Busy was insane this weekend and is going to be insane again this week. They are having me come in for 7 am this week instead of 8, I hope it doesnt mess up my internal schedule. Going in on 630 Friday was quite the struggle. By 2:30 I was dying for a nap. However, I wasn't eating the best so that probably had something to do with it.

Ate horrible again this weekend. I'm realizing that I'm doing that whole sabotage thing and will be putting an end to it immediately. Back at strict paleo starting tomorrow. At least I was still working out 5 times a week right? lol

Already saw the crossfit blog for tomorrow, awesome post Kathy! I find myself talking about Crossfit CONSTANTLY, I cant help it!! It has done so many amazing things for my life both physically and mentally. Everyone always asks why I pay so much for CFM when I can do the same things at a cheaper gym. I try not to say it but there's just no other way to get the point across..."its not just a gym..." and then they roll their eyes and finish my sentence in a mocking tone "its a lifestyle!"

I will go into further detail in my personal blog but I'll share what my mother said to me the other day. During 12.2, Liz recorded me doing my 69th rep (100lb snatch). I sent it to both my parents and both of them told me how they cried when they watched it. I laughed at the thought, thinking they were just being their cute selves but my mother went into her reasons why: it was because my whole life I have shied away from the spotlight. I did tons of sports but never had the guts to compete in front of people. I always found an excuse to skip a dance recital or miss a swim meet. She said that hearing all those people cheer for me brought her to tears knowing that I finally found something I love and something I'm proud to show off. I have the best parents <3 She couldn't be more right. I live for this. I have never been more in love with something than what I do everyday at 530 pm. Crossfit and CFM will forever be a part of my life.  

sunday April 1

Thought i wasn't going to post huh... April fools!!
So April is goping to be crazyyyy!!!!! We have extra curriculars and play practice like everyday!!! I was looking at the calendar and days and kept finding myself saying well i can go this day and I wont beable to go this day and then caught myself and realized that mama not going to the gym wont help anybody cause ill be a mess and grumpy so some how it will all get done... it always does!! May looks to be smooth sailuing and June even better!! Hope you all conme to the play my daughter and I are in. We have very small parts but we are excited! and definatley putting in a lot of hours for this thing!
Meals: good and bad
sleep: good
water: not enough
one of these days im going to turn it around but I am so happy that you all are doing so good!!
meeting with Jay next week.
Our next YLA meeting will be Monday April 30 7:30 pm
happy sunday! already onother week gone by wow!! time flies! have to start taking advantage!