Wednesday, April 11, 2012


hi all..... left an email for all my YLA family... hope to see you all at both!!!
taken a few days off this week... just no time in my day.. work work and more work.. softball brownies girlscouts PTA and Play sooo tired! and so much to do not sleeping at night... other stresses too which isnt helping anything at all... next week is a vacation week from school.. so looking forward to it!

definatley drinkng more water!!!
meals could be better as always...
sleep.. could be longer...
stress.. high but temporary right...

meeting: Dr Jaime: nutrition 4/21 11:00
meeting: YLA MOnday april 30 7:30

regionals: may 25-27.. anyone planning on going up, i know Yadi is and we are.. anyone else???? My husband Dan is the alternate on the team.... Go CFM!!!!

Gladiator Gauntlet: I think we should have some YLA teams doing it!!!! think about it!!!

have a good night!

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