Monday, April 23, 2012

Quick Post...

I was up and in CFM at about 5:45 this am.  I have yet another jam packed ridiculous week of work, training, projects, moving Tuesday night and Wednesday and then studying for my CrossFit Trainer exam on Sunday.  WOOF!!!  I ate great today. 

Breakfast:  Coffee, Water, VitaCoco and some nut/grain/berry healthy earthy crunchy cereal...ate it dry
Snack 1:  Celery w/almond butter
Lunch 1:  Ground Turkey meat sauce with Kelp noodles...what a mind f**k but it works
Snack 2:  Celery stick, some cucumber and some macadamia nuts
Lunch 2:  My favorite paleo meal made with real organic beef...I could eat it for every meal...YEAH BUDDY!
Snack 3:  Some mixed nut/trail mix from TJs
Dinner 1:  Mixed green salad with grilled chicken and balsamic vinaigrette
And just now typing this I realized I didn't eat enough today and I know Jason will have a nice Lactic burner planned for me tomorrow.  SHIT!!!  I better pre-load some carbs when I wake up.

5 min Handstand walk/holds (warm up)
Then about 5 min working on Clean and Jerk Progressions
5 min on the clock:  Clean and Jerk #135 x 3 on the min every min
Rest 5 min
5 min on the clock:  Clean and Jerk #185 x 2 on the min every min
Rest 5 min
7 min AMRAP
5 burpees-10 DUs-15 Air squats

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