Tuesday, April 24, 2012

4/24.....James P

Sleep:  got a great nights sleep last night 9:30p-5:45a
Stress: Feeling great as of late.

pre wod:  Shake, adrenal tincture, relax tone homepathic remedy
6:30am WOD   8:04 but I subbed in ring rows, 95lb thruster
post wod: 2 eggs, decaf coffee
10:00am   celery sticks (forgot my almond butter at home)
12:00pm    1 cup chili,  large spinich salad with orange and yellow bell peppers, cucumbers,
 no dressing
fish oil, multi vitaa,  Aller-C, Vita-D
3:00pm      1 mini cucumber and 1 serving of raw almonds, 1 coconut water
6:00pm    Roasted chicken breast, broccoli and suated spinich/garlic
8:00pm    carrotts, celery with some guac.

Got to see Nitro killing it 2 days in a row at 6:30. 6 weeks until the baby is due so the anticpation and stress should be picking up a bit. Hope everyone is doing well today.

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