Monday, April 9, 2012

Amanda M...Day 78

Sleep: solid

Food: totally didnt think the grocery store would be closed yesterday so I didnt have much to work with today
Breakfast- scrambled eggs with turkey
lunch- chicken with carrots
dinner- stop and shop salad bar.........reese's peanut butter egg........ Easter is my favorite holiday for candy :-(

WOD: Had a rough weekend! (refer to my latest status update on fb haha) so today I wasn't all with it but still did well.
5x5 power cleans @105#
5x5 push jerks...started with 105 but it was too light, so I pumped it up to 115#
5xamrap jumping pull ups. Was being told by a few people to move onto a band...just couldnt test it out in front of such a big class. Guess that's still one of my big fears...failing in front of people. Soon...very soon I will give it a go

Night all

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