Tuesday, April 3, 2012

so the studies show...

ok all... the studies show that usually around the two ,two and a half mark is when people tend to loose focus and concentration on a long term project. This is because it isnt "new" any more and has moved out of the exciting honeymoon stage and into the real " marriage" so just like any other relationship our relationship with ourselves and food and CFM and our dedication now has to come from a place a little deeper. It is the norm and sometimes the norm isnt that exciting so we need to revisit our motivations, goals, and reasons why we joined the group in nthe first place. Reevaluate some goals give yourself a new focus.... change a workout time.... try a new recipe...... just a few examples of how we can get through this hump. It also says that if you can move from this temorary let down of reality and get through to the three three and a half month mark it gets a little easier. and you start to gain momentum again!! we got this!


  1. Good inof o KJ, nice to know there is some logic behind what we are feeling! It helped me to sit down and go over everything Dr. J gave me and also write down why I want this!!