Thursday, April 26, 2012

Amanda M...Day 95

Sleep: It was about 930 and I was exhausted. For some reason I try to stay awake til a certain point but last night I was just like fuck this, I'm tired! lol Going to bed too early makes me feel old but I'll get over it!

Food: same as usual. If you guys didn't check out my blog the other day with the ropa vieja, I strongly recommend it! It is beyond delicious.

5 DL and 100m sprints...10 rounds. Holy shit was this intense. Probably the hardest workout of the week, which is saying alot based on Tuesday's burpee and thruster hell. I really didn't want to run because I am so horrible at it. I almost pulled a rower out but knew I needed to suck it up and get it done. So glad that I ran instead of rowed. For the DL we started with 125# but then bumped it up to 145# for the next 8 rounds. On the last round I told my workout buddy that we needed to add more for the last one so we ended on 155#.

Shout out to Michelle T! (She wont see this but whatever!) She is always brave enough to workout with me knowing I am going to push her past her limits haha but that's what crossfit is all about! There is nothing I love more than talking someone into using heavier weight and seeing them crush it!

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