Friday, April 27, 2012

Maria Week 14 Days 4 and 5

Thurs 4/26
7:30a- 3 oz chicken breast, kale, 1 TBSP EVOO

9am WOD- top of every 3 min 5 DL for 30 min:  Started at 115#, then 125, 135, 155, 165, ended at 185 for the last round.  Form wasn't perfect but I got it done, and my back is REALLY sore today (Friday).  In a way it feels good, I need to strengthen my lower back. Times were between 30-40 seconds per round.  Last round was a little longer.

11:30a- 1/3 C pumpkin, 2 TBSP coconut flour, 1/2 C egg substitute, 1/2 tsp fish oil
3:45p- Salad with lettuce, 1 slice lean roast beef, 2 slices turkey breast, 1 oz avocado, walnuts/almonds, EVOO, lime juice
6:30p- Chili made with 93/7 ground beef and ground turkey breast, cauliflower rice, 2 baked chicken wings
7:30p- paleo pudding: avocado, unsweetened cocoa, raw honey, 1/4 banana (not overly ripe)

Got a good nights sleep, low stress, feeling pretty good, first day back at the gym after a week off.  Felt strong.

Fri 4/27
7:50am- pumpkin muffins (see 11:30am meal above)

 8:30am- taught a kickboxing/weights class 55 min, handstand holds x 5, 100 GHD sit ups

11:15am- 1/2C Chili (see above), 1 C cauliflower rice, 1 1/2 oz avocado
2:45pm- Salad Mix, cucumber, 2 oz chicken breast, cooked asparagus, 1 tsp EVOO, lemon juice

4:30p- WOD: 1 RM Squat Clean 120# PR! 21/15/9 Front Squat 75#, pull ups, 20 AbMat SU after every round (sub for L-Sit PU was regular pull ups followed by sit ups)

5:30pm- Raw Nuts

8pm: Cilantro turkey Nuggets (from Paleomg)- these were so good!
mixed veggies, walnuts

Okay, so I weighed myself today first time in aver a month and I gained 4 pounds.  Totally bummed but I deserve it.  I can't act like I don't know how that happened.  As much as I hate the scale, I am glad I did it.  It was a slap in the face to wake my ass up! I am totally committed to getting those lbs off and to keep moving forward on my goals.

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