Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Again today I hit CFM early.  I kinda like the change of scenery.  Plus I get to see James leaving his guts on the floor...keep going man!  My stress is fine.  But getting up at 4:30-5:00am these last couple days was NOT easy.  That extra hour or two of sleep really makes a huge difference.  I'm literally going to bed after I finish this blog.  Trying to be in the door of CFM for 5:30am class tomorrow.  Then I get to move pretty much the entire day and into Thursday morning...YEAHHHH BUDDY!  Today for the first time in 3 months or more I went back into the classes.  No Comp WOD, No power lifting WOD, No unknown WOD (which I prefer the most btw)...straight performance, sort of.  While I was waiting for the 5:30 class to end and waiting to talk with Jason I realized that I and everyone else in that box thrives off of each others energy.  There's so much physical and mental positive energy that I literally think the place was buzzing.  I'm not sure if I'm explaining this right but it was just awesome.  So the WOD, I was all warmed up and ready to go for whatever Jason was going to throw at me.  Then he said, "How do your wrists feel?"  I told him Keith got to check them out again yesterday and he said I'm good to go.  So he looked at me and said ok I want you to do the Performance WOD but I want you to do 2 round of 20 Thrusters instead of 10.  I smiled and went and got to work

WOD: (copied and pasted from CFM blog)
A. OHS – 10 minutes of warm up skill work
B. Back Squat, 6.4.2, 315/365/405
10 thrusters, 135/95
25 pull ups
50 burpees
25 pull ups
10 thrusters, 135/95
WOD: Rx’d scaled up thrusters to 20 at #135
Second round of 20 thrusters was brutal but terrific!!! Thanks Coach!

Breakfest:  1 black coffee, 1 tall water, 1 pre-WOD Vitacoco, 8oz broiled flounder w/mixed veggies
Snack 1:  2 grilled chicken tenderloins, Celery w/almond butter
Lunch 1: 1/2 roasted chicken from Boston Market w/mashed sweet potatoes, grilled spinach w/garlic and I nailed that little corn bread.  Normally I don't but today I was STARVING!  I could easily eat 12 of those mini corn breads.
Snack 2: 1 serving raw almonds, 1 green tea
Lunch 2: 8oz broiled flounder w/mixed veggies
Snack 3: some nut/granola cereal (dry), a handful of multigrain crackers w/almond butter and some chocolate covered Goji berries
Dinner: 8oz broiled flounder w/mixed veggies  


  1. Great work dude.....2 days in a row at 6:30.

  2. Hey Neil, tell me about those kelp noodles, what is in the and where do you get them? What aisle at WF?