Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4/10......James P.

Sleep: 11-5:45 woke up several times.
Stress: medium.....lot to get done over the next 8 weeks before the baby comes.
pre wod: shake
6:30am WoD : tough one for me today really took alot out of me.
post wod: Turkey meatballs with some guac, decaf coffee
10:30am: carrotts with some guac
12:30pm: spinich salad with grilled chicken breast, sparkling water
5:30pm: Ground turkey with squash, orange bell pepper, and Kale
8:30am: half of broiled chicken breast (was starving)

tough sleeeping the last few nights. Gail isnt sleeping well and when she gets up so do I. This definetly hurt my WOD this morning. Hopefully tonight is better.

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