Monday, April 16, 2012

4/16....James p

Sleep: finally a great night 10-5:30a
pre wod: shake, adrenal tincture
6:30am wod
post wod: 2 eggs, 2 aller-C supplement
10am: celery and carrotts. little anxious at work took 1 dropper Energetix Relax Tone homepathic rem.
12:00pm: mixed green salad, bell peppers, 1 left over ground gf beef burger, 1 multi vita, 1 fish, oil
3:00pm: decafe tea and an apple
6:00pm: 6oz haddok, steamed kale and carrotts

Feeling good! Went to my naturopath last friday all went well. weighed in at 207 and my blood pressure was lowest its been in forever 118/70. I made her take it like 3 times. The adrenal tincture I have been taking has some BP friendly herbs in it and it has really helped my energy levels.


  1. great job James! You are doing so well!

  2. Feeling great, but again long way to go. So much more to accomplish. We are all working hard. It's a year long assessment, but I think its important to note I think we all have made some lifestyle changes that will last well past this assessment. Very exciting.