Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Second day in a row!

Today was my rest day. My knees are just killing me for some reason. My day went fairly well food-wise until....I had to go to Sugar Bakery and order my girls' birthday cakes. When I left, she gave me 4 cupcakes! I had to bring them into my office so they wouldn't melt and you can imagine where the story goes next.....I had one staring at me all afternoon and at 5:00, after I'd been beaten up by my clients enough, i caved and ate one. It was chocolate, filled with chocolate mousse, topped with chocolate butter cream, chocolate sprinkles and a chocolate covered gummy bear. IT WAS DELICIOUS! So, I didn't give up sugar all week and I've had my cheat already. The good thing is that i came home tonight, ate chicken and green beans, gave the remaining cupcakes to my family and now they're gone and I can move on. Night.


  1. Man that sounds good! Good for you for stopping it right there. That is the tough part!

  2. Nice job! Keep up the posting! Hope your knees feel better soon