Monday, April 2, 2012

Amanda M...Day 71

I was having a great day......until I saw the picture on the CFM site with me in the background. Really tired of seeing pictures of myself and totally cringing at how awful I think I look. All I see are's exhausting. I had to talk myself into wearing a tank top tonight and of course a picture gets taken and now I never want to wear one again...ughhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Sleep: 10-530. Slept fine
Breakfast- eggs and sausage
Snack- strawberries
Lunch- chicken and red peppers
Dinner- salad from stop n shop

HPC x2, PC x4 105# at 3 rds
Ring rows amrap x3

10 min amrap shoulder to overhead
20 kte whenever you drop the bar
I did in 35 reps. Was a tough weight, mostly just bothered my wrists.

Hoping to sleep off my bad feelings. Night all


  1. there is no room for negativity here biatchhh!! you look great and you are great... love the cleavage!!ohhh yay!!!lol! beofre you do anything else.... look inthe mirrow and tell yourself 5 awesoem things about yourself that you wouldnt change!!!

  2. Maurer- are you f-in nuts??? I saw you live and you look great! AND you PANTS ARE FALLING OFF OF YOU! You can't argue with that girlfriend! It was great to WOD with you tonight.