Sunday, April 1, 2012

sunday April 1

Thought i wasn't going to post huh... April fools!!
So April is goping to be crazyyyy!!!!! We have extra curriculars and play practice like everyday!!! I was looking at the calendar and days and kept finding myself saying well i can go this day and I wont beable to go this day and then caught myself and realized that mama not going to the gym wont help anybody cause ill be a mess and grumpy so some how it will all get done... it always does!! May looks to be smooth sailuing and June even better!! Hope you all conme to the play my daughter and I are in. We have very small parts but we are excited! and definatley putting in a lot of hours for this thing!
Meals: good and bad
sleep: good
water: not enough
one of these days im going to turn it around but I am so happy that you all are doing so good!!
meeting with Jay next week.
Our next YLA meeting will be Monday April 30 7:30 pm
happy sunday! already onother week gone by wow!! time flies! have to start taking advantage!

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