Saturday, April 28, 2012

Amanda M...Day 96 & 97

Forgot to blog yesterday...went right from the gym, to my shower, to out the door for a date lol

Sleep: Awesome. Usually I try to go to bed by 10 but lately it's been getting later and later

Food: Same as usual. Add in Froyo for dessert haha at least it's fat free? Well I guess that doesnt matter when I had a diabetes inducing amount of candy on it...oh well haha

WOD: Ugh, front squats are slowly becomming my least favorite lift. Been learning to love thrusters so I don't know how I could find these worse...maybe it was just to weight.

I did, however, PR my squat clean by 10#...135#! Woo hoo!! I tried 145 a few times, it went up easy but I kept falling out of the squat. Once again, Colin was there to shake his head at me in disappointment haha "You can do that weight Amanda..." I know! I know!

Sleep: went to bed at least I didnt have to go into the bakery til noon.

Food: So far today I had eggs and is now 2:30 lol I woke up late so it was more of a lunch than a breakfast. Dinner is still up in the old friend is coming into town and we will probably grab dinner somewhere. Also, my friends are going out tonight in Hartford (trying to get out of it) So I'll probably be drinking plenty of calories later as well if I go.

Headed to Yankee stadium tomorrow!! Never been to a real MLB game...(Mets don't really count haha) and I dont really like the Yankees but my friend got tickets for free, so why not?! There will definitely be some hot dogs and nachos consumed. Its the best part about baseball!

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