Monday, April 9, 2012

It's been awhile...

Egg whites, salsa, black beans
Siggi's yogurt
Hummus and celery
Apple and almond butter
Egg whites, ham, spinach
2 bowls of soup (beans, spinach, peppers, onions)
1 piece 85% dark chocolate
WOD: PCs @ 85lbs x5; push jerks @ 83/73lbs x5; 10 pull ups on gravitron
I slacked on the diet all weekend, which means Thurs through Sunday. I'm back on it though. I can't afford to feel this shitty and sluggish. Today, I ate too many carbs (apple, hummus, & beans), so I gotta chill out with that.


  1. Its crazy how much food affects us in more ways than just our waist line. Welcome back!!