Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Amanda M...Day 87

Sleep: Went to bed a bit too late but slept well for once

Food: Same as yesterday. Threw in a few dark chocolate covered almonds...dipped in almond butter. I overdosed on the almond butter today...whoopsie!

DU's, T2B, push ups. I went to do the running instead of the DU's but Colin stopped me and told me to get back inside. I got a few rounds in doing DU's but....rope whips and sunburn do not mix well together. I started running instead after about 10 minutes.

Really need to work on my endurance and speed. I think I'm going to start utilizing the beach and the hill on my street and get some serious work in in the mornings. If anyone has any workout ideas, let me know!


  1. I need to work on speed and endurance too. It kills me every time. I know the answer is to throw in some sprinting in my spare time (HA HA)

  2. It definitely is the answer haha I am right there with you...pure torture.