Friday, April 13, 2012

Maria Week 12 Day 5

Bed at 10:30pm, up at 6:30am, slept well.

7:45am- 3 oz salmon, broccoli rabe, 3/4 oz avocado, 1 tsp fish oil

8:30am- 55 minutes kickboxing/weights; no CFM today

11am- paleo asian meatballs, calamari, broccoli rabe, strawberries
2pm- mixed raw nuts, turkey breast
4pm- turkey breast, raw nuts
6pm- salad with turkey, uncured pepperoni, light Honey Mustard dressing
8pm- 2 squares 85% dark chocolate

Not enough veggies today, measured breakfast but that's it.  Low stress day; really LOVED the beautiful weather- so motivating to stay on track.

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