Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Amanda M...Day 92 & 93

Forgot to blog last night. Got sidetracked :-)

Food for yesterday and today were the same:
Breakfast- eggs and sausage
Snack- strawberries
Lunch- spinach salad with tuna, salsa, gorgonzola cheese, balasmic vin dressing, side of red peppers
Snack- carrots
Dinner- ropa vieja with cuban style 'rice'

WOD yesterday: Didnt get a 1 rep PR on the power clean. My brain is my own worst enemy. Last time it took me 5 tries to get a 155# PC up...yesterday, I threw it up like it was nothing. 165? Didn't happen. Colin wasn't happy and neither was I lol

8 min AMRAP 3 PC/15 air squats @125#...I believe I got it about 5-6 rounds

WOD today: Got up to 95 on the OHS, 95/105/135 for the back squats
I did 85# for the thrusters....95# just seemed way too heavy for me today. It takes a lot for me not to do the RX but I didn't want to overdo it today.

Off to post on my personal blog...you guys have to try the ropa vieja...so delicious!

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