Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 79-80

I promised Maria I'd blog tonight but after the WOD I did tonight and then a 2 and half hour study session just now I'm completely toast.  With that said I will update this tomorrow morning when I come out of my slumber.  I'm completely beat down...but love it!

Ok so I had PT this morning at 7:45 with my favorite resident doctor, Dr. Keith.  I've progressed significantly since the cortisone shots and Dr. Keith told Jay I'm already at 90%...that's HUGE!  Obviously I feel better physically but it feel like I was born again mentally...tough to describe but now I feel my state of mind is invincible.  All my food and meals were on point yesterday and so far today also great.  I actually just crushed a 1 and a half pound salad I made at Whole Foods for lunch.  It was so good!  I had also purchased some kelp noodles, kale chips some pumpkin seeds and obvi I was flying high and the cute girl at the register said.  "You seem in a really good mood, what type of diet you on low carb?"  I said no, I'm just do CrossFit and live a Paleo lifestyle.  Her response "That's awesome!"  Yeahhhh buddy!

Now onto my discussion with my training and programming.  Jason and I are taking it easy on my wrists so any movements I do will have low impact on my wrist for this week.  We also had a discussion about over training and deviating from the prescribed programming.  I made him a promise I will never deviate from his programming ever again...EVER!  What he says goes and that's it.  So this week I decided I don't want to know what my WODs are until I'm warmed up and ready to go...I want them to be a surprise.  "Preparing for the unknown"!

Monday's WOD
50 Back Squats #275
1k row
All for time: 10:06  (I smashed the shit out of this WOD and dam did it feel good, well the row was terrible after the 50 Back Squats but you know what I mean.)

Tuesday's WOD (This one was even worse then Monday...WOOF!)
10 Minute AMRAP
Ascending ladder:  Dead Lift #275 and Double unders
Example: 1 DL-10 DUs, 2 DL-20 DUs, 3 DL-30DUs, ect
I got 7 rounds of the Dead Lift (all unbroken which was what he prescribed) and hit 53 DUs when time was up but my WOD was far from over.  I immediately had to run outside and drag a sled with #205lbs on it 400 meters!  Yes 400 Fu**ing meters.  It was definitely top 3 all time worst things I've ever done in a WOD.  Now I pride myself on never collapsing on the floor after WODs, I can't say it doesn't happen occasionally but I try to be mentally strong enough not to hit the floor.  So instead I made my way over to the new dumbbell rack and pretty much collapsed on that thing and was unable to move for about 2-3 minutes.  AWFUL but a good awful.  I think I told Jay I hate him on my way in after the sled drag...LOL.  So today was a prescribed rest day by Jay which I completely understand cause the amount and weight and volume I did in 2 days is amazing and...I can barely walk.  My legs, buttocks and even the muscles in my feet are sore...HAHA!

How is everyone doing on there goals and timelines?  Have you reevaluated where you're at and recalculated your goals according to your progress?  Another thing I want to mention is we are almost 25% through this process.  There should be no more "Starting over".  "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today!"  Get your goals down on paper, get your diet down on paper.  Bust out the calendar and set like 6 week achievable goals.  We're in this together and I love you all!  The only person I haven't seen at CFM or read about on the blog is Dan.  Anyone know what's up with him?


  1. welcome back!! great to hear you are doing so well!!

  2. Love love love your enthusiasm and everything you wrote in the last paragraph. You are awesome.

    I saw Dan last week and asked how he was doing. He was in the 2 month hump like the rest of us but not sure how he has been since!