Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4/17......James P

Sleep: 10-5:30 slept good had a small piece of chicken before bed and relax tone
Stress: feeling good
pre wod: Shake
Wod: 6:30am "helen" 9:44 subbed for the pups
post wod show and a trip to the dentist didnt eat until 10am
10:00am 5 trader joes chicken meatballs and coffee
12:00pm spinich salad with grilled chicken, small split pea soup
5:00pm roasted chicken breast, broc, and some mixed veggies(squash, carrot's)
6:30pm Softball
7:45pm uno Corona
8:30pm still hungry had a small piece of chicken and Brussels sprouts

overall good day felt like I ate a bit much today, but I was hungry so I ate. Goal is to get to 200 by early may. Again not really worried about the weight as much as getting rid of the belly so as long as I am still seeing signs of improvement(waist line..ect ect). Reevaluating my goals this weekend. Going to miss the nutrition meeting with Dr. Jamie as we are getting some maternity photos done. bummmed, but duty calls!



  1. great job today, I think your food looks great! I have to miss Dr J too and am pretty bummed about it myself.

  2. James you are doing fantastic man! Just keep working hard and sticking to the plan and you'll get there. You're literally shrinking before our eyes...AWESOME!!!