Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day Somethin Somethin

Today another major weight was lifted off my shoulders.  I had the final oral interview with the Bridgeport Fire Department and I really think I nailed it.  Though I may not get hired for the first round I'm pretty positive I should make the list and now it's just a waiting game.  It could be as soon as 4 months or as long as 2 years...you can never tell.  It's funny how CrossFit factored into my studying for this oral interview.  Coming down the stretch I just kept saying to myself  "You got this", "You're prepared for this", "You can do this" all things that run through my mind before a WOD.  I will never forget that just before I sat down in front of the panel I closed my eyes and took about 10 seconds to clear my head, slowed my breathing and I straight up got in the Zone.  Then all my studying and preparing took over and I hammered the shit out of the questions they asked.  What an adrenaline dump I had.  When I walked out of the interview I was so mentally drained and relieved that I couldn't even remember most the of questions I was just asked.  It was sort of like being in black out mode during one of Jason's monster Lactic sessions.  Nonetheless I am truly blessed to have such an opportunity!

I've been kind of under the weather since Sunday but I didn't really have time to be sick so I just sucked down cold meds for the last few days just to get through these last couple days for obvious reasons.  My food intake was good but not enough...well not enough for me I should say.  I barely had any breakfast, had 2 salmon meals, then a paleo kit before the gym and then I went to Plan B but I really didn't have much of an appetite.  You won't find me saying that very often!  Tonight's WOD didn't seem bad on paper but you know how that goes.  This WOD crushed me...literally sucked the wind right out of me.  Being mad conjested makes 400m runs much more tough...but it is what it is!

20 DB Thrusters (#45) unbroken (I tried so hard)
400m run x 4 rest 6-8 minutes between rounds (Coach wanted my rounds close to 2:30)
Rd 1:  17 Thrusters unbroken-2:22
Rd 2:  15 Thrusters unbroken-3:06
Rd 3:  13 Thrusters unbroken-3:50?
Rd 4:  12 Thrusters unbroken-3:20
I still did all 20 Thrusters

Mad props to Maria for kicking Helen in the mouth tonight...YOU are so cool!!!  Nyquil time!


  1. Awesome job all around Nitro...your positive mental attitude is an inspirtation! Definitely something I need to work on! Keep it up and I hope you feel better soon. Colds are nasty mother f'ers

  2. I agree with Maurer- you are SUCH an inspiration and you are going to be a great firefighter!