Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hello All,
I have returned recharged back from our babymoon. It was great to disconnect and recharge. Not opening my email for 6 days was a challenge, but something I needed to do. I turned my phone on for a few minutes on friday and the work voicemails/texts/emails started to come in so the phone went right back off. Stress levels were starting to get a little high before the trip as it is getting down to crunch time before the bundle of joy arrives...still a ton to do. choices were 80% great on the trip. It is near impossible to eat bad when its 90 degrees out. Salads, Fish, fillet M all found there way into my belly! A few deserts and some much needed cocktails(didn't over do it at all was with my beautiful pregnant wife) filled up my 20% of negative for the week.
I am back at it tomorrow morning at 6:30am. I just read through a bunch of Jay's and other posts on CFM and definitely some inspiring stuff. Excited to get back to the grind and continue this journey! Back to blogging tomorrow!

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