Thursday, April 19, 2012

Maria Week 13 Day 4

Slept great- since the kids are on vac and I had the day off, I actually slept and didn't use an alarm clock.  Don't get to do that too often.

8am- 2 eggs, 1 oz organic roast beef, 1 1/2 oz avocado, 1/4C grape tomato
9am WOD: Thrusters 95/95/95/100/100/100/105/110, 55 lb KB Swings, 50m sprints
10:30am- taught a class (55 min weights) didn't do the class 100%
11:45am- 3 oz asian meatballs, cooked broccoli, macadamia (sp?) nuts
3p- Home made veggie soup, turkey breast, more macadamia nuts
picked on uncured pepperoni and turkey breast
7pm- chicken breast with okra, onion, mushroom, cabbage, avocado
9:45pm- sleepytime tea

Didn't measure everything today, but kept it clean- too many nuts.  NO EATING AFTER 8:30!!!

Had trouble with handstand holds today- honestly I have not been practicing them and I had trouble kicking up- I was doing so well with these and feel like I have gone backward.  I need to take Neil's advice and go back to basics and why I wanted to do this YLA.  Maurer's right guys, let's get back into this!

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  1. Way to kill the thrusters!!

    My goal was to work on pullups...which if you remember, I haven't been attempting lol Get back on those handstand holds, you'll be back where you were in no time