Friday, April 13, 2012

4/12(thur)...James P

sleep: 10-5:45 not a good night again
stress: not bad

6:30am pre wod shake
6:30am WOD
Post Wod: 2 eggs and bacon
10:00am: blueberry's and raw almonds
12:30pm: mixed green salad with grilled chicken
3:00pm; cucumber and sweet pepper slices
6:00pm: Roasted chicken, bell peppers and squash
8:0pm: 1 serving of popcorn

Extremely tired on Thursday. Ever since Tuesdays WOD just not the same. I drank about 120 oz of water today and a coconut water. I drank decaf teas instead decaf coffee. Started to feel better in the afternoon I am thinking I might have been a bit dehydrated. I am writing this Friday morning and can tell you I feel 100% better than yesterday. I still made an appointment to see my naturopath today at 3pm. food choices good today so far I will blog again tonight.
Best Wishes,

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