Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Amanda M...Day 112

Sleep: Went to bed around 11:30, up at 5:45 to go for a morning run. This weather is killing me though, makes me completely unmotivated!

Food: Good...dived into a cupcake after work. I need to stop bringing those damn things home for my roommates because I always end up eating them myself.

Easier than I anticipated. The 30lb DB snatches were way too easy, I went the whole 60sec like a champ and the only thing that was getting tired were my thighs from having to squat down so far. I probably should have gone heavier. I almost grabbed the 45 but that probably would have been too much...maybe.

Used the 20" box which was the RX...proud of myself for this. Box jumps terrify me. I haven't tripped on it yet but I've seen many others who have and the outcome is not something I want to experience for myself!

Cindy tonight......I'm itching to get on those bands for pullups, I think tonight might be the night...


  1. Great job jumping over the box! I can barely jump on top, never mind completely over!

  2. Oh when that box jumps up and bites I hurts like shit...but it pisses you off and you finish strong! Glad it got me already and that's behind me!