Thursday, May 3, 2012

Maria Week 15 Day 4

Bed at 10:30p, up at 6:30a, woke up once during the niht.

7:30am 3 slices bacon
12pm- veggie soup
1:40p- salad with 1 oz roast beef, 1 oz organic turkey, 1 oz uncured ham, 1 tsp fish oil, 2 tsp olive oil, lime juice
6pm: pork loin, chicken drumstick, chicken wing (had a dinner party), salad, asparagus, brussels sprouts
tasted frosting off of a strawberry shortcake, and had 1 strawberry NO CAKE.

9am WOD 12 rounds: 2 squat cleans,  then 20s hose slam: 95lbs for 6 rounds, then 105 for 4 rounds, then 110 for 2 rounds.  Felt pretty strong today!