Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 127...

You guys I'm so sorry I'm not blogging.  I will try to do better just crazy busy but that's not excuse!  Diet has been good but I've been craving carbs.  Had some cheats like a Polish Brats on a hot dog roll with grilled onions and Kraut with mustard.  Wish I had 6 of those.  Had some cookies and carrot cake also over the weekend...probably a little too much but hey c'mon I'm starving!  Then jumped back on the wagon and killed it since then.  Really hungry though.  Gonna mix in some baked sweet potatoes and strawberries for a bit.  The WOD's Jason has me doing are totally wearing me out but I think cause I'm out of gas cause I don't get enough carbs...we'll see.  As for the WODs they're sick.  Both in good and bad ways...of course.  What we're doing is totally working.  Example is Wednesday:
10 minute amrap
10 ring push ups
20 double unders
10 pull ups
200 meter run
(4 rounds)
rest 5 minutes
10 minute amrap
15 box jumps, 24″
10 T2B
500 meter row
(2 Rounds + 2 box jumps, just realized I was doing 10 box jumps and 15 T2B and I was in rough shape for the T2B, DUHHHHHH!)
rest 5 minutes
10 minute amrap
1 minute amrap double unders
20 calories on AD (AD had no battery so I just crushed for 1 minute)
10 push press @ 75#
(3 Rounds and :45 sec into AD, still completed round 4 after time expired)

Before this WOD I was a complete mental case.  How am I going to do all this shit?  I'm not going to get any rounds!  Maybe I need a rest day?  T2B...awww man!  I was kind of making mental excuses.  Then once I got all stretched out and I had 30 seconds before 3..2...1...GO it all came together.  My whole mind set changed.  I literally felt the training take over and was ready to go.  Two major things we are working on right now are lactate endurance and aerobic capacity.  The amount of volume I had to do in a relatively short amount of time with little rest was nuts.  I actually felt good in the 3rd 10 minute amrap.  I crushed double unders like no other (finally got a real speed rope from Rouge while I was at regionals).  I can't wait to do the Flight Simulator (some crazy double under WOD) again that I had to do in testing.  It's just really cool to see the programming working literally right before my eyes.  But with all that said I am beat and tired and hunger almost all the time.  Eat, Sleep and Hydrate...that's what's up! 


  1. I dont know where you find the energy. I can barely hold my shit together for normal WODs lol I'd love my own program but I'm one of those people that need a class to work out with or I wont push as hard--lame!!

    Great job though, keep it up. And thanks for checking in :-) Always a pleasure to read your stuff

  2. You make me totally excited for the individual programming! Nothing is more motivating than results.