Friday, May 25, 2012


Hi all! Last Friday I spent almost an hour on the phone withMaria. She has been my saviour. As you know, I've haven't had the easiest of times the last 5 months. I've been both off and on many times. Maria finally fed it to me straight. This is almost like a second full time job. It is a lot of work. Planning meals, getting to CFM, takes a lot of time a lot of preparation. I knew that all along but for some reason when Maria said it, it clicked. Since our conversation I've been planning all my meals and keeping a really details journal. Although I wasn't perfec, I had birthday cake one night and a brownie at a meeting,I do feel a little bit more in control and a little better. I wrote my cheats down and am holding myself accountable but not completely falling off the wagon when i dont eat perfect and one night when I couldn't get to the gym when planned because of work, I didn't feel guilty but rearranged my workout schedule the rest of the week and let it go. Bottom line, I'm on track, keeping a food journal, planning meals, trying to manage stress and getting in workouts. Although I wasn't completely off track before our conversation, I feel now like I more I control and,more confident that success may actually come my way! Thanks, Maria! You are such an inspiration!


  1. OMG- you are such a sweetheart- I am so proud of you! Just reading this motivates me to keep on going...

  2. Good job Amanda! I saw you working hard Tuesday night...keep it up!