Monday, May 14, 2012

5/14...James P

Sleep......10-5:45  rough night.

Pre Wod: raw almonds and water to get something in my stomach
6:30am WOD:    Felt good today after taking the weekend off.
Pos Wod:   Protein with ultra greens mixed in, adrenal tincture
8:30   replaced my normal morning coffee with a vitacoco

10:am  turkey meatballs and 1/2 avocado
12:00pm   Spinach salad with yell bell peppers, cucumber, and grilled chicken. 1 cup white bean and sausage soup
3:00pm  1 serving raw almonds
6:00pm     rotisserie chicken breast, mixed vegetable, sauteed spinach.

Felt a little dehydrated today, but pounded down a ton of water.  As for the weekend ate well. Saturday I through a little cheat. The wife and I ordered a small pizza and a salad. Sunday we went to Red Lentil(vegetarian in New Haven) I had a veggie burger and some sweet potato. Dinner pork chop from whole foods on the was the bomb! I got to see Maria testing this morning....Nice Work!

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