Thursday, May 17, 2012

Amanda M...Day 112

Sleep: Went to bed at 11, up by 640

Food: On point...only 'cheat' were a few dark chocolate covered almonds

WOD: I did jumping pullups. After I saw and heard of a bunch of people ripping their hands on the bar from all the pullups, I felt less motivated to do band pullups haha I need my hands! I flew through the first round of Cindy...then it was just down hill from there. Man, was it hot and muggy in that gym last night!

Back squats and sled pushes tonight...super pumped. We'll see how the 90lbs RX for women feels, might have to jump onto the guys'. I've got pushing legs like an NFL lineman!


  1. you forgot the farmers carry...have fun with that one.

  2. I watched people do the farmer's carry today, I was glad to be sprinting and that is saying a lot!

  3. 55# farmers carry...yeah, not looking forward to that part haha Luckily I have long legs...long strides=faster walk!