Friday, August 10, 2012

Maria Sugar DT day1

I figured what the hell, might as well start today with the detox thing- No fruit fresh or dry, nothing with artificial sweeteners including sugarless gum and breath mints (I love gum and mints).  Sooooo I feel so out of touch with everyone, and I have not had any sense of accountability.  I was doing so well with the blogging!  I feel so disconnected!  Today, I recommit to the YLA- We were all so enthusiastic in the beginning and I want that feeling back.  So far so good today.  I taught a kickboxing class this morning and then went to CFM for this WOD:
A.  Thruster,, rest 90 seconds: TOUGH
B.1  Wide grip BB bent over row, 4 x 5-7, 31X1, rest 1 minute: 85/6.85/7.85/7.85/7
B.2  1 1/4 CG Bench, 4 x 6, rest 1 minute: 85/6.85/6.90/4.90/4
wearing a 20# vest
60 sec. on AD AFAP
rest/walk for 3 minutes x 5: Calories: 19/21/23/20/24
 Food today:
B: 4 oz tilapia, 1 cucumber, 1 TBSP EVOO
S: (after kickboxing) 1 1/2 oz sweet potato, 2 oz tilapia
L: 3 oz chicken thigh, onion, pepper, spaghetti squash, crushed tomato sauteed in 1 TBSP coconut oil, salad with lettuce, tomato, cuc, artichoke hearts, 1 tsp EVOO, bals vinegar
S: 3 oz chicken breast
D: 3 oz chicken breast, cabbage,onion, spaghetti squash, crushed tomato sauteed in 1 TBSP coconut oil, raw broccoli with home made paleo ranch dressing (YUMMMMM)

Getting stronger, weights have increased since starting the programming, I still feel as if I am so slow.  Nutrition is so critical, it is truly the foundation of everything! That and sleep.  I have not had a good night's sleep in a LONG time.  I have been up with my kids or I am too hot, or I am hormonal, you name it.  I just want to sleep through the night! Oh and try going on a cruise for a week and eating whatever and then going to CFM.  Not fun.  This week was a struggle in the gym, plus I taught 5 classes this week.  Today is the first day that I am not totally sore from head to toe!  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting!

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  1. I must get that ranch dressing recipe! Where did you get it from?