Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Amanda M...Day 202

Slept solid but woke up feeling tired as HELL. I was dragging ass all morning...I think it was because on Sunday I spent the day out and about rather than sitting on my couch and relaxing. I need a day to totally veg out sometimes.

Food: Sugar Detox Day 1...100% on point for the first time in a long time. No cheats, no slip ups, no cravings. I am elimnating all dairy as well--I was still eating cheese pretty regularly. I'm even taking out almond milk for right now just to see how my body does on water alone.

Honestly, strength days kind of bore me. Yes, they make me sweat and I feel like I've worked out but I don't feel satisfied until I am DRENCHED. So, yesterday was my skip day I guess. Rear leg elevated squats really bother my foot anyways so I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous day and go for a run. I ran on and off for about 4 miles. Running helps me drop weight faster anyways and that is really what I am looking to do at this point.

Running WOD tonight...I usually hate them but I am feeling pretty confident about it at this point

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  1. You go girl! Jay made me run for an HOUR last week. It was a long time since I had done that, and I definitely felt it in my knees and hips, BUT there is nothing like running to make you feel like you REALLY worked out!