Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Maria- Giving up??? NO WAY!

Hi Amanda- Boy did I feel guilty when I saw you over the weekend!  The truth is, I kind of gave up on myself.  Regarding blogging, I think that I talked myself out of it because no one is reading it but honestly, the blogging helps me whether or not anybody is reading it.  It forces me to take a look at what I am doing and if I am NOT doing what I committed to do  then WHY NOT? 

I met with Dr. Jaime last week and we talked about a lot of stuff.  I really have to sit down and evaluate why I have the need to friggin sabotage myself.  At least I have this challenge to kick me into gear, but I can't live my life waiting for the next challenge!  I have to do it for me, not because there is some kind of competition.  I just don't know how to get to that point.  Enough rambling..

Day 1 went well, but I didn't really have enough structure around my meals (like I prefer) I was busy so there was a lot of picking here and there vs sitting down and eating.  Not good for me.  Did you do your measurements yet???


  1. I will ALWAYS read your blog posts! I'm here everyday :-)

    The past few weeks have been ugly for me as well. I always do well during a contest but other than that it is hard as hell to stay on track so I know how you feel!

    I did my measurements when you saw me on Sunday and took my pictures last night. Just waitint to do the WODs. If you are still doing it Fri morning, I'd be willing to come do it with you!

  2. Good job Maria, one day at a time, you did it today, just do the same tomorrow, don't sweat it.