Friday, September 28, 2012

Crash and Burn...Thursday/Friday 9/28

That's all I got. No motivation, no nothing. I haven't woded in the past couple of days.
My knees are keeping me up but not because of pain. More worry than anything. When I feel an ounce of soreness and discomfort I worry. I worry that I won't be able to go too far with my Oly comps. I worry that my time is limited. I'm just getting started. The negative comments from people I know echo in the back of my mind about doing this too late in life and pretty much i shouldn't be doing this because I'll get hurt. When the weather gets cold and damp...hell any sudden flucuation in weather my knees act up. If it's too hot in the summer I retain water and my knees hurt. If its too cold I have to keep them warm, because they're just too stiff. And I know from experience if I'm traning when it's colder I have to get them HOT!!! Not just a simple 10/15 min warm up. I have to wrap them, walk, stretch, row, etc. before I even think of adding any kind of weights and squatting with them. It goes on and on. Don't get me wrong when they work, they work. They can be faithful to me most of the time and sometimes they turn on me when I need them the most like Judas.
I'm not in the mood. Lame excuse I know...but that's how its rollin right now. I've pushed many of times. Hell I've pushed when I was in my deepest, darkest months this year. Front and center in CF. Doing my programming or in a class in tears or just about ready to cry but I was there. I don't have it right now. I don't have that oomph. I don't feel like going into the gym be in the middle of a clean and jerk and as I have that bar high over my head have someone walk right in front of me to grab some clips. Or better yet I think I'm out of the way and here comes someone literally 2 feet away from me on the ground warming up, while I'm trying to lift. I will fucking loose it. yeah staying clear from people.



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    1. I just read your comments under my blog- I f-in Love you. Great attitude, I need to get there..

  2. Go in the back by the boxes, I see people work out there all the time. But yea...the newbies dont really understand the crossfit etiquette yet!