Thursday, September 27, 2012

Maria- Temptation

Maurer- Come to 5:30am, it is a pain in the balls to get up that early (I hate it) but once you are there I KNOW you will love it!  Then you can go home after work.  When I first started there was a group of us that worked out together and held each other accountable, it really helped me to get to the gym and stay on track with my nutrition, but then people disappeared or worked out at different times, and the gym just got huge!  It is hard to stay motivated.

I was thinking today about how what tempts me or is a trigger for me is not an issue for someone else, and vice versa.  Why is that I can be so strong in certain things yet so weak in others?  Some people can eat a few nuts or a little almond butter and be satisfied, but I don't stop until the jar is empty.  Maybe someone can't give up their beloved wine- I could care less about alcohol.  It really is fascinating.

Today was an airdyne day, I was at the gym over an hour:
50/50/50 (calories)

1:3 ratio work:rest so if it took me 3 min to get 50 cal I had to rest for 9 minutes...

worked on strict chin ups, butterfly pullups, and handstand holds in my warm up. 


  1. Wow that is a long workout!

    Definitely hard to stay motivated. I love that new people are getting into working out but I miss the small classes! Its crazy how fast CFM exploded

  2. Here's the thing Maria, you're not the only one that can devour something in one sitting. I make no apologies about it. I can literally take a WHOLE family size bag of tostitos and a massive container of salsa and take it down. I can eat the pound hershey bar lovingly located at the top shelf in the candy isle the the left in Walgreens in one sitting while watching a half hour show.
    Don't beat yourself up about it. Is it a great thing to do of course not. Do we do it everyday? We better not, because we know better. For the most part honestly I can say I eat "healthy", "clean" about 80% of the time. Sometimes more sometimes a little less. And that's ok. Now if suddenly I want to look like Crossfit Games Athlete Elisabeth Akinawale or Katie (My two Faves)then guess what I will down to eating a whole side of cow with broccoli every single day just to get the rest of this fat on my body moving.But that's not happening right now.
    I signed up for the Paleo challenge. Don't know why...just jumping on the band wagon. But I knew it wouldn't count much because I'm programming and I really can't squeeze in another day trying to do challenge wods. Guess what first day of the Lurong challenge you know what I did!? After a LONG, stressful, rough ass 12 hour day at work. I got home changed my shoes, clogs to sneakers. Walked back out to the corner store just a block away. Purchased a sleeve of Oreo cookies. Came home threw the cookies on top of the fridge, showered ate dinner. And in all of my glory sat on that damn couch relaxed with my 2X super stretched out sweatpants oversized tshirt on, window cracked to feel the chill air. Grabbed the sleeve of oreo cookies and a glass of almond milk and ate that shit. Piece by piece and it was by far the most heavenly thing I did in a really long time. And guess what I didn't feel one ounce of fucking remorse.