Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Amanda M...Day 239

Slept horribly. Went to bed later than I had hoped because I was caught driving home in the storm. Then I woke up at 4 and couldn't get back to sleep

Food: Again, couldn't eat much because of the pain. Tried eating an was pretty pathetic. I forgot to bring a knife to work to cut it so I nibbled on it like a rabbit

Morning: 7x400m sprints

I did the Lurong Living bench Wod--75 snatches for time at 55#
I finished in 7:12 which was a lot faster than I thought I would do so I am happy about that

After that, I jumped in with the workout of the day to finish up the last 2 rounds of 8 min amraps. It had pullups, DU's, front squats, burpee box jumps, running, T2B. I was fucking spent. After not eating enough and a morning workout, I had nothing left in the gas tank after the snatch workout

Off to bed! I'm exhausted


  1. Excellent time on the snatch WOD! I knew you would kill it. I hope your jaw gets better- how about apple sauce (home made) instead of apples, mashed sweet potatoes, Pureed chicken (just kidding) okay, shredded chicken- softer stuff so you can get some calories in you

  2. I agree with Maria, Derek Poundstone (the strongman) is a cop, I read how he couldn't always get protein while on the job, so in the mornings he would take a couple chicken breasts and water, throw it in the blender and make chicken protein shakes to drink throughout the day, i'm sure they wouldn't hurt your jaw.

  3. Oh god, chicken protein shakes? lol I dont know if I could stomach that!! I will be making the enchilada chicken stew from PaleOMG this weekend so that should be good. I also plan on going apple picking soon to make a pretty big supply of apple sauce. Can you freeze apple sauce? I don't see why not...

    Thanks for the suggestions!