Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Maria- Lurong Day 2

Went to Trader Joe's today and bought the "Fancy Raw Mixed Nuts" that I love- AGAIN.  Again sabotaging myself and ignoring the healthy voice in my head that says, "you know you can't handle this!"  Maybe I will give them away???? 

Again did not measure dinner time meal, and stood up while eating.  The rest of the day was great and then I blew it by NOT weighing my dinner and NOT sitting down to eat a sane meal.  I deserve better than that.

Snatch WOD today 75 snatches @55# 8:28- Snatches felt good, it was the breathing that slowed me down.


A.  Power Clean,, rest 2 minutes (NOT pretty and NOT TnG)
B.  Axle push press,, rest 90 seconds
C.  good mornings, 3 x 8, rest 60 seconds 53.58.65
D.  Side lying powell raise, 3 x 12/side, 50X1, rest 60 seconds bt. arms 12.12.12- tough


  1. I feel ya, nuts were a trigger food for me too, went a long time without eating them, but they are expensive too so don't chuck them, If you don't want to eat them, throw them all in the food processor chop up finely, use them as a coating on chicken, mix with some chopped veggies for some stuffed pork chops maybe, go get some thin beef and do a nice braciole, but don't waste....

  2. Damn, sounds like we have a chef on our hands