Sunday, September 9, 2012

Amanda M...Day 228 & 229

Sat: Did Zumba and then 4 miles at the gym. Zumba was...ehh. Not my favorite thing. I can really well, I know this. However, Zumba makes me feel like an idiot lol maybe its because I don't know the choreography by heart like everyone else in the room does. Honestly, how often do they go in order to memorize EVERY dance?! The 4 miles was good, stopped a few times but got it done.

Sun: Today has been a good day so far. I woke up nice and rested and Chris and I decided to do our runs. I went for 6..and he went for 15 haha one day I'll catch up to him! However, made a BIG improvement. I ran 5 miles without stopping!!! Last monday, 3.1 was the furthest I had gone with out stopping...that was just 6 days ago. It's amazing to see what my body is capable of after allowing myself to actually try. I had convinced myself that if I made it to 4 miles that I could stop...but I felt really good. So I went for 4.25...then 4.5....then I was like-fuck it, let's just go for 5! Felt AWESOME

I burned 918 calories by noon...I ain't doin shit the rest of the day!

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