Monday, September 24, 2012

Maria- I have issues!

SO I go to the gym today, feeling pretty good, that is until the WOD started which for me was:
20 min AMRAP
20 squat cleans 75"
10 pull ups
20 cal on Airdyne

Looking at this I thought I would kill this and be able to move quickly through it.  I don't know what the f was wrong with me today, but my legs didn't want to move, and neither did my arms.  I only got 3 rounds in!  The only thing I could think of was that between Sat and Sun, I did 205 KB swings, and I ran yesterday (double workout) I don't know, but I hit the wall pretty f-in quick today.

So I immediately think I need to eat fruit, so POST WOD I went and bought and apple along with a bag of walnuts!  I go up to the cash register and give the walnuts to the cashier and said, "I am not buying these, I changed my mind."  So thank God they did not make it home.  I ate the apple, and 4 oz salmon, when I got home I had chicken with olive oil mayo then I had a banana with raw almond butter and some coconut water.  I think I have had enough.  I get nervous when my performance is shitty and automatically think I need more food which I know is not the case with me.  Anyway I am rambling now...


  1. It's funny how your mind tells you you need carbs when you really just need a rest and recovery day or two, mine does that all the time, I usually combat it by poking my brain with a Q-tip or pencil till it shuts the fuck up

  2. I agree with Anon...sometimes our body just needs a break. After all that over the weekend, I'd say you needed a rest day too!